Unlock Gears Of War 3 Weapons Before The Game Is Released

It’s not to long untill Gears of War 3 launches September 20th and you can already get in on the action. You can already start unlocking weapons by playing Gears Of War and Gears Of War 2 by completing certain tasks and achievements in those games.

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xVeZx2648d ago

Gold Hammerburst – “Veteran Gear” Achievement in Gears of War 2. (Reach level 100 and win a match on each of the 4 Snowblind Map Pack maps (Public only)

what about if you got the gold hammerburst in the special edition of gears 2?

biRdy2648d ago

You get for playing first week of Gears 3.

tmoss7262648d ago

Or if you played the beta a lot, you could unlock weapons.

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Grip2648d ago

when Review comes out?

ddelella2647d ago

This list is inaccurate. Epic announced they were not going to give all gold skins for the veteran gear, just 2. There are much better lists out there. This GoW3 Epic Edition.