Gamepro - ICO & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection Review

Will herring writes: Their storylines are minimal, tightly-woven affairs that hardly harangue players with a plethora of plot, but what's there strikes a powerful balance of the fantastical and emotional that manages to resonate long after the credits roll. It's masterful storytelling, and re-experiencing both titles these years later just reaffirms that the mantra of "a good story, well told" most certainly has its place in the games industry.

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Rage_S902595d ago

Amazing games. Truly a unique and refreshing experience for gamers.

HaHa_Ostrich2595d ago

I got my hands on ICO a few weeks ago (shame on me, I know). I dusted off my old PS2 and guess what. It was great. Suddenly I was sucked into a world where time has stopped. No shooting, no killing, no blood. Just a boy trying to save a girl. One windy old castle filled with grass with shade of green I have never seen before.
Sadly, I havent played a game with similar atmosphere this generation.

one2thr2595d ago

Hopefully The Last Guardian, will be that game that you have yet to play this generation

AKS2595d ago

Ueda is my favorite video game director even though it takes him so long to make each game. It's well worth it. The fact that I knew he would eventually release a PS3 game factored into my decision to buy one of those early $600 60GB PS3s near launch. The wait was obviously quite a bit longer than I expected (understatement), but this collection plus The Last Guardian should make up for that.

gustave1542595d ago

its sad that we can only get one Team Ico game this generation though...

Inception2594d ago

Oh yeah!
gonna love stabbing the 5th Collossus in HD!

clearelite2594d ago

I thought this collection was out because of all the reviews, man I am disappointed now. I was going to pick it up over the weekend, lol. Oh well, I'll fill my gaming needs with Resistance 3 and others until then. Going to download Alundra and Breath of Fire 4 on PSN, not sure which to get yet.