Source: Marvel Universe Canned

A reliable source has confirmed to Next-Gen that Microsoft is cancelling the superhero MMO Marvel Universe Online.

As Crytpic Studios' development of Marvel Universe ramped up, NCsoft was eventually forced to outright buy Cryptic's original superhero MMO, the NCsoft-published City of Heroes, says our source. Now Microsoft has decided to cancel Marvel Universe, which leaves Cryptic with plenty of time and a nice chunk of change from the City of Heroes sell-off to develop a new IP.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, said that an official announcement will be made in a few weeks about the demise of the game, unless something "drastic" occurs.

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RadientFlux4932d ago

Marvel Universe Online, might not even be canceled for long. Microsoft might just change developers.

Personally I would rather have Marvel Universe canceled over Alan Wake or Too Human.

dachiefsman4932d ago

I agree and disagree with you...the main factor for me is how the game play is established. The Marvel world is vast and intriguing, but I think the game play could destroy an IP like this one. If they are canning the development possibly it could have been the story line and gameplay.

Hopefully a developer will step up and finish what should be a great game.

ParaDise_LosT4932d ago

I though 1up said the game that was getting canned had alot of fans? o_o

and yeah I agree Flux.

Also, we have enough MMOs comming 08
Too many will ruin the others (if one gets too popular)
This was the right thing to do :P
I'd rather play Age of Conan MMO
or ofc the best MMO comming this 08

Eclipticus4932d ago

i want to play COH on my 360. thats about the only mmo i enjoy playing, not a liscend version on a marvel or DC world and its heroes

OC_MurphysLaw4932d ago

To be truthful...I had totally forgotten about it. Not all that sad to hear it go... Actually a little relieved its shelved as opposed to some of the others that were being speculated on.

CLOUDJU4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

I was excited about this when I first heard the news at X06, but then I was hoping there wouldn't be a monthly fee, but no info was ever given about that or much of the games story, gameplay, features, etc...

To say I was excited would be an understatement, since nothing as been shown to get excited about. So, now, that is probably being canceled isn't that big of a loss. I'm just really glad it wasn't Too Human or Alan Wake..and maybe to a lesser extent Banjo 3.

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