Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 Bundle is available for PS4 via Amazon

Although the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 can no longer be purchased on the PlayStation Store, the bundle is available on Amazon.

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FallenAngel19841693d ago

That’s unique. I rarely see delisted digital games being sold on retailers like Amazon

Nitrowolf21693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

That’s extremely rare, bought it even though it’s $60. Was hoping to get it on sale when it was available and then they decided to delist it

1692d ago
phoenixwing1693d ago

I'm too wary of this not going through to do it. Plus, it's too much to ask 60 i don't care if it's rare now.

1692d ago
InKnight7s1692d ago

If this isn't a digital only, probably gonna be sold for $19.99 by now. Digital is not future for consoles at all.

Cmv381692d ago

Yep. And in addition to digital video games, movies too. I wanted to watch dark knight rises, and it was 20 bucks, I can find it used for 5 on blu ray.

Cmv381692d ago

I want ultimate alliance 1, I have 2. Wish I bought 1 but I forgot. But I can't pay 60 bucks for it. Ps5 backwards compatibility with ps3 is a long shot, but may be my best shot.

mkis0071692d ago

Didnt want to miss this just in case I want to play it one day. $60 was a lot but at least it's only once.

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ZachAStevens1667d ago

Beautiful article. BOTW was a perfect swan song for the Wii U. Despite its flaws, I loved that damn thing!

OmarBanat1667d ago

Thanks! Yeah, I mostly played it on Switch, but the Wii U version was competent. I'm just glad that Nintendo didn't do their Wii U fans dirty and make it a Switch only release.

PhoenixUp1667d ago

I originally tried out Final Fantasy IX cuz I was interested in swan song titles after beating God of War 2

1661d ago
PhoenixUp1659d ago

FFXI, FFX-2, FFXII, & FFXIII-2 were great games

wesleyleblanc1667d ago

BOTW is my personal fav here. Seriously such a fantastic game. I played it on Switch but form what I've read, the Wii U version is totally fine!

Rimeskeem1666d ago

The Last of Us?

The perfect story telling game from a console and company known for their story telling as well as a GOTY record breaking game that was a completely new IP.

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