Messing With Success: A Letter To Konami & Their HD Collections

Game Podunk blogger, DocStrangeLove writes, "Gaming companies have realized something in the last year or so. If they update their games to support HD graphics with a few extras like trophies or concept art, they can sell their old titles to a whole new generation of console gamers! While I love the idea of being able to play newer versions of my old favorite games, I hate that I don't have a choice between the old versions and the new versions on my current gen consoles. But that is a rant for another day. Today I'm here to call out Konami and their various forms of shenanigans."

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mr_epsym_knird2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

Who cares. It's not like Konami and the others are forcing us to buy their HD ported games. They DON'T own our wallets, WE, gamers DO.

Edit: Just read the whole article and I'm feeling a little stupid.

Well, the author had a point, like some of the games that started the whole series being left out.

I don't have any problems with the V/A recasting though.

2pacalypsenow2631d ago (Edited 2631d ago )

These are HD collections Not Silent Hill Game collections, Whats the point of having a Ps1 game HD?? it wont make a diference these collections are for fans of these games imo, if you really wanted to play the 1st MGS or Silent hill Buy them on PSN

WhiteLightning2631d ago

The guy has a point

I've been waiting a while for the HD collection of Metal Gear Solid because I knew it was an confusing story to wrap your head round and I thought that it would be better to get into the franchise with one big collection (plus with a HD make over) but is there any point in me getting the collection when the first game isn't included.

hardandsloppy2631d ago

If you have a ps3 you can get the first silent hill or mgs, for only $5. To make a ps1 game hd, it would look crap, they would need to remake them completely.

Morgue2631d ago

I've beaten Silent Hill 1, 2 so many times that I can't even remember. Will the voice acting in 2 change the way I feel towards the game? I guess I'll find out when it's released and I will pass judgment then.

bigevilworldwide2631d ago

I don't get why people keep crying about how it doesn't have silent hill 4 in it.A: It was a horrible game there was nothing really Silent Hill about it, it was easily the worst of the series.And B: It was not developed as a silent hill game it was just the room the only reason it finally got Silent hill slapped on the box was because Konami knew they would sell more copies of silent hill the room as opposed to the room. Other than that they just threw a couple of last second weak silent hill references into the game.

Ramas2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

i still enjoyed the room, even though SH2 was x10times better, but room was good game too, even now i want to play it again