5 Worst Video Game Remasters That Ruined The Original

Here are five worst video game remasters that ruined its original material or at the very least, contributed to tarnishing its good name.

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Chard780d ago

how is it after the patches? Aren't there also more to come?

Amplitude780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

Did people not like the Mafia 2 remake? I got so into it. Thought it was amazing. Never played the original.

Some of these are fitting but I can't help but feel like the author just has nostalgia for the original Mafia 2 here. Dmc Collection on PS4 is fiiiiine its just a collection of PS2 games and the PS3 performance was not amazing. The point is to just have the PS2 games for a new gen of people. Crysis Remastered is also totally fine and has been patched and updated to death since launch. The original version essentially ran on one CPU core and they couldn't fix it let alone get that running on console/switch so they had good reason to do what they did to boost interest in Crysis before the Crysis 4 announcement

Lots of way worse remasters out there lol GTA, THPS HD, that Mario 3D All Stars trash, etc

jeenyus780d ago

That's the issue, you haven't played the original.
The new one is slightly better looking but it's bugged af by comparison.

780d ago
monkey602780d ago

So in essence ... 2020 the year of bad remasters

Army_of_Darkness780d ago

Sounds like a case of quick cash grabs during the pandemic.

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PS Plus Monthly Games for November – Mafia II: DE, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Aliens Fireteam Elite

Games playable November 7 + Sony Pictures Core benefit for PlayStation Plus members this month

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seanpitt23225d ago

They put the money up a massive amount and we get this junk!
Sony are trying to pull that money back from what there management has balls up over the past 3 years with GAAS failure! There greed will be there failure.. we mess up it's on you to take the hit our loyal fans!

Hereandthere225d ago

They raise prices on plus, then go on to feed us trash and expect us to smile?

225d ago
Einhander1972225d ago

At least PS Plus still gives monthly games.

225d ago
Rhythmattic61d ago

Hey Ronny, its not always perfect, but im loving F1 23

Crows90225d ago

Games with gold is junk yes...but this is about ps plus offerings which are decent this month.

Mafia 2 is a decent game and aliens fire team is a decent game. Not a junk month...you must have PTSD from gwg

blackblades225d ago

Whoever live off ps+ games got issues. Seriously who the hell pay this much attention to these games and call them junk because you don't have the interest to play them. Go out there and buy you a game to enjoy.

Abear21225d ago

Truth, but after raising prices I think some thought Sony would want to foster some good will. Arrogant Sony is officially back!

Crows90224d ago

Yes the games are average...just like Starfield. Lol

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monkey602225d ago

Not a great selection. They're okay I guess but I'm not interested

RpgSama225d ago

Not the best month and not the worst month, nothing that interest me though, hopefully the Plus Premium will be better, still need to get to Sea of Stars though.

monkey602225d ago

I've been too busy to catch up myself. Going to get through Spiderman 2 and then I want to play Disco Elysium