IGN: Bodycount Review

Bodycount benefits from a solid core, and plenty of moments entertained me throughout the campaign, including some of the more intense gunfights. But the disconnect between Bodycount's chaotic visual spectacle and its precise scoring system drive a large divide between how you want to play and how Bodycount expects you to play. The limited environmental palette and the lack of any real story further damper the fun.

Despite the thrill of wrecking havoc on an unjust world, Bodycount lacks the polish and overall entertainment value of its peers.

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OdinFallen3100d ago

Not surprised by this review, the demo was mediocre and quite boring IMO.

guitarded773100d ago

Sure it's a turd, but when it hits $20 it could be a fun break from all the AAA titles coming out this holiday season.

SilentNegotiator3100d ago

A 6? Dang. That's like, a zero on IGN's usual grading scale of 7-10.

ReservoirDog3163100d ago

Yeah this never sounded good to me. It must suck to spend so much time making a game for it to end up being terrible.

marioPSUC3100d ago

Early this year it looked good, but man that demo was just crap. I didnt even have fun playing it.

SubZeroMaster3100d ago

this shit was awful

felt like a bad ps2 game

an ign gives this a 6

but gives the fight lights out a 4....WDF

guitarded773100d ago

Uhhh... dude... it's IGN. Nuff said.

Jack_DangerousIy3100d ago

Yeah... Me hated teh ign too!!


People who act as if the website is one entity crack me up. It's ONE person who is reviewing the game. Not "IGN".

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JellyJelly3100d ago

@Jack_DangerousIy - Whatchu say'n, son? That them durr IGN has more than one writer? Sounds like voodoo magic to me!

Rezka3100d ago

should have just cancelled the game

kma2k3100d ago

seriusoly the demo sucked donkey balls

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