Black didn't join Codemasters for Bodycount, wanted "open world cop game"

Stuart Black reveals he had an "open world cop game" in the pre-production phase whilst at Codemasters, but it became a "little bit too rich for their blood" after a year and a half. Problem lies in production.

He had no life ambition to "make another shooter after Black," but it was 'relatively easy' to do. Codemasters fault wasn't in creativity but in its execution of development.

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abzdine2856d ago

bodycount was terrible

SilentNegotiator2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

CodeDisasters is terrible in general.

They make mediocre games on a GOOD day.

vallencer2856d ago

They make the most amazing racing games out of anyone. Yes their shooters are bad hence why they have now just become code masters racing and will only make racing games.

SilentNegotiator2855d ago

Their racers are the "good" days I was talking about.

Greyslash2856d ago

Interesting, too bad Bodycount was the worst. I literally had to restart my system after every checkpoint on the final boss because the game would glitch and wouldn't allow me to pick up orbs. I always found it ironic their company name was Codemasters.

Baka-akaB2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Doesnt absolve him from making bodycount the mess that it was , and yet fleeing it before it got released .

Too easy to say i wanted to "do something else , something better" .

"Maybe it's because he's been burned by triple-A but again and again throughout the interview Black is keen to point to flaws in current development methodologies."

Which triple A was he even involved with ? He's got Black , eons ago , Populous: The Beginning ,the worst populous game even farther , and then absolute crap like Bodycount than never considered was a AAA game .

BigStef712856d ago

Yea I only played he demo for bodycount but it was terrible. How did he go from making a pretty well received and fun game like black to that pile of garbage?

wenaldy2856d ago

Remember Black dissed Killzone 2's graphics as "turd"? Criterion is the true dev for the sequel of BLACK.

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