Mario Galaxy aims for Game of the Year crown

Nintendo's anticipated Wii platformer aiming to beat away challenges from the likes of Bioshock, Orange Box and Call of Duty 4.

This time last month MCV was reporting that EA's The Orange Box was looking to be the odds-on favourite to become the most critically hailed title of not only the year, but also of all time.

However, Nintendo's massively anticipated and critically acclaimed Wii platform romp Super Mario Galaxy looks set to surpass even The Orange Box's achievements by capturing the highest average review score of the year.

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Feihc Retsam4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Reading the rave reviews about this game has been the first time that I've actually contemplated purchasing a Wii...
All of the motion gimmicks were not really appealing to me, but its seems to me that EVERYONE who plays SMG is blown away and ranking it near the top of their list of all-time favorite games.

Who has played it already?
Has anyone here played it and NOT liked it?

BLlNK4929d ago

And loving it. One of the best games Ive played all year. And my favorite Mario game to date. I think this game can be the only game you can classify as a system seller.

ReBurn4929d ago

I played in in the kiosk at Gamestop and I have to say that I found it very easy to pick up and play. I'm thinking of trading in Halo 3 and picking it up since Gamestop has an extra 20% trade-in offer right now if you buy SMG with your trade credit.

Syko4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

I agree with Blink....Except Zelda:TP and Wii Sports can be considered system sellers too. I currently have just over 50 stars and am about to activate the center star to go find peach, This game is great and if I hadn't played portal previously it would have been a total mind blower!

Plus I have the component cables for my Wii and this game looks great in 480p

@DubC - Yeah I got em to play Zelda since the Wii didn't look so hot on my HDTV, I was one of the lucky ones that got the first shipment of official Nintendo cables. Back when people were Ebay'ing them for around $100. Huge difference, just sucks that only some games support "true" 16:9 480p...Well worth the upgrade though.

ItsDubC4929d ago (Edited 4929d ago )

Interesting that you mention the component cables. I actually have a set of components in transit right now to my mailbox. I only have an SDTV but the only available composite inputs for me to connect my Wii into are on the front, which my gf says "looks ghetto" haha. So I ordered the components since there are unused component inputs on the back, leaving the TV looking as pristine as possible when my Wii is connected w/ those. Any improvement in picture quality will be a nice bonus =)

EDIT @ Syko above:

I took a risk by ordering some generic component cables on Amazon for $5. If there turns out to be screen artifacts or some other cable-related quality issues, I'll go for the official Nintendo ones. Ya I wish Nintendo enforced true 16:9 480p on all Wii titles but o well. I'm sure I'll care more when I cave and buy an HDTV haha.

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BLlNK4929d ago

Well its amazing. Some parts its difficult though which is great. Best Nintendo platformer? YES

Syko4929d ago

Ya, the bowser in the dark matter plant(In the bedroom galaxy) took me like 5-6 times...I was like how the hell is a little kid supposed to beat this,lol

BLlNK4929d ago

Yea alot of the motion stuff took me a few tries. For instance the Manaray surfing lol.

power0919994929d ago

I love that all gamers can relate to Mario.

It does not matter if you are a fanboy for any console. Most everyone loves the Mario games.

No hate from me, and I will be pulling for Mario to get GOTY.

One of the reasons I will buy a Wii.

BLlNK4929d ago

I love Mario always have.

PS360WII4929d ago

I just got it yesterday and put in 3-4 hours in last night. Awesome game and the use of the full level is crazy. It is easy and hard all at the same time and I'm looking forward to some of the harder and crazier levels. For sure GOTY contender this year has been crazy with the amount of stellar games!

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