Warhawk High-Res Images

One of the most anticipated titles for the PS3 is Warhawk. The game features tons of particle effects, has beautifully rendered water and clouds, and most importantly, has hundreds of enemy ships on-screen at any one time. The game also will take full advantage of the new tilt function in the PS3 controller. Below are 6 new high-res images of Warhawk.

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achira5829d ago

very nice graphics !!!

FamoAmo5829d ago

Those graphics didn't look good at all! I am not comparing this to anyother game but for a next-gen title they look bad!! A very anticipated game should have top notch graphics.. This game has top notch PS2 graphics.. Not flaming just stating the obvious!

Gamer135829d ago

Can,t wait to try it out.

clayton5829d ago

For $499 and $599 I would expect better than that, I'll stick with my 360. The gpu is more powerful.

Retard5828d ago

Because Xboxs' gpu really has something to do with Warhawk?


A PS2 game with shinny water, it seems like alot of PS3 games look like PS2 games, with stable worlds (that means none blocky and chuncks of the game world don't shift around) Xbox can pull this of

InSpectre5829d ago (Edited 5829d ago )

Man, i'm looking forward to hearing some hands on with this sucker! Looks great! They haven't even shown a ground vehicle yet, and only a tiny bit of the on-foot gameplay.

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The story is too old to be commented.