Are Battlefield 3 Devs using PS3 Fanboy propaganda to hype up and promote BF3 against MW3?

Battlefield 3 devs are using ps3 and ps3 fanboy propaganda to hype BF3, using them to go after COD without getting their hands dirty at the same time catering to ps3 fanboy insecurities insuring sales on PS3.
Read ahead for some substantial evidence regarding the moves made by EA and Dice till date which supports the aforementioned conclusion.

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geniusgamerdoc3095d ago

This is true. EA and Sony have a sort of relationship right now and EA developers tend to focus a little more on the PS3 versions.

That said, it still didn't stop the 360 versions of games like Dead Space, Crysis 2, Mirror's Edge, or Medal of Honor from being identical to the PS3 versions.

I think Battlefield 3 will look about the same on both consoles, with each version having a few small advantages over the other, just like we saw in Battlefield Bad Company 2. In my experience the 360 version had less screen tearing and a better frame rate, but the PS3 version had superior foliage (alpha to coverage). Overall, though, I remember them being pretty similar. BF3 will probably be much the same way.

tiffac0083095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Well its really not surprising that EA and Sony will try to band together because MS and Activision is doing it for awhile.

geniusgamerdoc3095d ago

You are absolutely right dude.

Thatguy-3103095d ago

It's smart from EA to cater to the ps3 installment more because treyarch screw ps3 owners with black ops....I for one will be purchasing battlefield 3 just for that reason alone....its obvious that activision and their studios only release the game on ps3 for the extra $ while the xbox owners get all the right attention from them.

Brixxer6003095d ago

I agree with pretty much everything you all said.

Sunhammer3095d ago

Anyone else literally LOL @ geniusgamerdoc giving "this is true" input on his own article?

PS3 fanboy "propaganda" just sounds desperate to me. Everyone knows the majority of 360 gamers stick with Call of Rehash on an annual basis, so what exactly is there to bitch about when DICE and EA decide to use their brains? It's quite clear that PC and PS3 gamers hate Call of Duty and prefer Battlefield.

Nice job, moron. Another website blacklisted.

evrfighter3095d ago

a made for n4g article with the author commenting likes he's a different person


JokesOnYou3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

"Everyone knows the majority of 360 gamers stick with Call of Rehash on an annual basis, so what exactly is there to bitch about when DICE and EA decide to use their brains? It's quite clear that PC and PS3 gamers hate Call of Duty and prefer Battlefield."

-lol, except Black Ops has easily outsold BFBC2 on Steam, PC AND PS3.

-So actually its seems the majority on ALL platforms prefer COD over BF= fixed.

Kleptic3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

I love how the fact that EA is working with Sony to promote Battlefield automatically means EA/DICE is 'using ps3 fanboys to create hype'...and this guy desperately tries to make the argument that CoD vs BF is the 360 vs. PS3...

neither franchises are all...and so where is the article that 'activision is using 360 fanboys to create hype'?...

the simple fact is that no matter what platform you prefer, many users are getting tired of this guy seriously saying not one 360 gamer is anticipating BF3 over the next CoD?...

this is the definition of a double standard...MS has been giving handouts to Activision ever since Cod4 took over the world...but that is ok, according to that was just business...but if EA tries to appeal to the other side in order to actually create good competition...that is not ok, that is shady and appealing to a fanatical legion only to create ignorance...

if you say so...

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Mario0073095d ago

you're forgetting that one of the big features when Frostbite 2.0 was released was that it was said that it was optimized to fully use the Cell processor (no fanboy talk here, that's what has been said). So i'm assuming that it'll look better on ps3, but then again it'll look AMAZING on the pc.

Kleptic3094d ago

watch that slide show thing mentioned in this article...that was hardly anything to appeal to any not one of them would understand what any of that meant...

they were just further illustrating that the new engine is being fully optimized for existing hardware, even though it has the horses to do a lot more on more powerful future hardware...

there is nothing wrong with that...and its too early to tell what will happen with the console versions in a sense of pitting them against each other...but its very clear that the the PS3 isn't getting a simple port of the engine from the PC/360 (which never works well)...and it will be getting a version of it that will work well with the differences of the PS3's architecture...

Ju3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

You might well be right, however, bringing up BC2 just doesn't do Dice justice. BF3/Frostbite2 is a total departure from previous versions. That said, whatever BC2 has no impact how BF3 will look, since Dice basically rewrote the the render backend - for each platform (!) - from scratch.

I like that EA/Dice have the balls to give a shit about platform parity and tries to push each platform. We'll see how that ends, but at least someone takes the risk here. Much appreciated.

Angrymorgan3095d ago

Don't see the point if having different consoles/hardware if devs can't or don't play to each ones strengths, I understand that if there was a huge difference between platforms, there wouldn't be much profit in the lesser version, but .. I don't know, supose devs don't want to alienate certain consoles fan base?!?!?

Ju3095d ago

Not so much "fan base", but support from platform holders. So far, MS was quite ahead and used that power to threaten developers. PS3 is closing in, and MS's power is shrinking. I think we'll see that more in the future to push each platform a bit. Man, I am wait for this for years now. I hope its not just a pipedream, though.

Fans will get it for the console they have, or the which they prefer. And, well, which version looks better if you can choose. EA can care less, they'll get the money anyway.

kikizoo3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )


ridiculous xfanboyz.

"BUT Crysis 2 is an EA Partners game and is not made by EA. The 360 version looks better"

another one : "look better", in your dreams.

and another one : "Microsoft isn't getting outsold. Most multiplatform games sell better on the Xbox 360."

hardware : outsold, multiplatform, outsold, with way more exclusives to deal with ! so totally outsold.

Anon19743095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Ok, this article is just stupid. Plain...ole...stupid.

So they haven't shown any 360 footage. It must be because of PS3 fans!

They continually claim it's better then COD. OMG! COD is also on the 360! That means being anti-COD must mean you're also anti-360! Are you starting to get how loony this sounds?

They announced the game is on multiple disks on the 360. Holy crap-wad! That's not just a statement of fact, that must be them catering to the PS3 crowd!

They said they're using some specific PS3 features. How dare they! How dare the developers talk about development! PS3 propaganda!

Break out your tinfoil hats, folks. The crazy train has left the station.

Kleptic3094d ago


EA/DICE is using PS3 fanboys to create a flamewar against...Cod, the 360, and...the PS3...? least I think that is what he is cod is on EVERY platform that BF3 will be on...

Lazy_Sunday3094d ago (Edited 3094d ago )

for this comment's "F1RST!!1", but an educated, well written response is dually noted. Well done sir. It's too bad not everyone utilizes the skill to type a logical, rounded response.

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TheDareDevil3095d ago

"EA is smart.They are purposefully resorting to promoting the PS3 as they always have done with their previous titles like Medal of Honor and Crysis 2"

It's a known fact that EA have a good relationship with Sony BUT Crysis 2 is an EA Partners game and is not made by EA. The 360 version looks better and received a demo AND a MP beta.

ps4me3095d ago

Yup.. You are right bro. Im too hyped for Bf3 this fall. BF3 > MW3 in my book.

Motorola3095d ago

If EA is smart then why don't they release it on STEAM.

geniusgamerdoc3095d ago

Thats a good point. Im afraid only EA could answer your question.

bozebo3095d ago

They want to push their Origin crap.

I will never use a digital distribution service that isn't steam because, the truth is, Steam is the only one so far that has done it right.

NYC_Gamer3095d ago

I hope that origin crap fails

Persistantthug3095d ago

Why would I want Origin to fail?

If a new grocery store opened up in my neighborhood, why would I want it to fail?

Motorola3095d ago

@Persistantthug If they sell overpriced items that are of super low quality.

SnotyTheRocket3094d ago

JUST buy it from a retail store, it's gonna take ten minutes to go and get it.

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shreeveera3095d ago

Is this even necessary?
As I own only the PS3 and Im more than satisfied with the visuals of the PS3 version as of now.

Though neither of the Consoles can beat the Superiority of the PC version.

Kee3095d ago

I'm a ps3 only gamer and I couldn't care less about battlefield. Must mean I'm not a PS3 fanboy then. Is that what they're saying. I'm not sure I understand their point.

Though, I can say that activision is clearly allied with microsoft. That much is obvious. It's like the two sides of the force, I guess. Nah, the analogy doesn't really stick, but whatever. Anyway, I doubt either of the console versions will be superior in any way.

shreeveera3095d ago

I can definitely say that You are a Xbox 360 FANBOY.! Admit it.

Kee3095d ago

Yeah I've got an xbox 360 that I hide under a trap door adn only use it when no one's around. Then I go on internet forums and troll people saying that the 360 is the ultimate console experience. /s

thebudgetgamer3095d ago

i'm trying to understand this properly, after all these years of seeing only 360 footage of multi-plats ea switches and starts showing ps3 footage and it becomes a conspiracy between ea and ps3 fanboys?

Anti-Fanboyer3095d ago

It must be a conspiracy too that they are showing only 360 footage of Mass Effect 3, OH NOES!!!

ps4me3095d ago

Ahem. We are talking about Fps games here. Nothing ignites the Fanboys as much as an Fps.

Ingram3095d ago

That seems to be the new song, yeah.