Top 5 New IPs that absolutely define this Console Generation

"We’ve seen the rise and fall of a great number of new gaming franchises in this console generation. We’ve witnessed many success stories of countless games developed by studios that were previously almost unknown. And we’ve also seen big hits from the big guns of the industry as well. While it’s difficult to point out only five new franchises that have had the greatest impact on this generation of consoles but after considering many factors, we did manage to list down the five absolutely most deserving games for this title."

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gameguru2661d ago

Hmmmm... pretty much nailed it!

Thatguy-3102661d ago

COD 4 defined multiplayer !!!! It should be there instead of assassins

RockmanII72661d ago

CoD4 wasn't a new IP, and CoD1 came out before the Xbox 360 did.

HaVoK3082661d ago

The list is hard to argue with. I would have chose the same games.

[email protected] the COD4 comment. Someone must have never played an FPS on the PC. Guess you never heard of Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, or Ghost Recon. And FYI, COD4 was not new IP this generation. It's a sequel. A 4th nonetheless.

Teenagers. They think COD4 started it all. Ignorant fools.

perdie2661d ago


Do you realize that CoD 4 was a new IP? Its NOT a sequel to any CoD and started the Modern Warfare series. Guess it shows how much "adults" like you know when criticizing teenagers. BTW Im 19 so i guess im a teenager

Urrakia342661d ago

@perdie - It is NOT a new IP. If it were, it wouldn't be called CoD FOUR (4) buddy.

solideagle12660d ago

bloody hell no little big planet? this game single handly created "play share" concept. it should have been there.



not to mention one of the most original in little big planet not to be on that list is a joke

grailly2660d ago

LBP was great, but I wouldn't say it defined the generation.

I would also put cod4 on the list even though people think it's not a new IP. If I say the modern warfare IP? does it make it better?

anyway, like it or not it's the game that defined the most this generation, throwing it into the FPS craze that it is in and making every other shooter copy it's multiplayer.

bozebo2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Great games.

Funny that 3 of them are Unreal engine games and I dislike those three games because of the way they "feel" to play (clunky sluggish something... feels like your character is hanging from a rope by their nose when you move or turn the camera). Still played the hell outta them, but Bioshock and ME should be in their own engines.

Noticed something interesting...
4 of the 5 listed games had TV advertising campaigns. There must be other games that could be way better that none of us know about.

SephirothX212660d ago

Of course CoD4 did not start it all but it was a brilliant game. Its just a pity the series went downhill from there. Some young gamers don't realise how good older franchises were and what innovations they made.

Biggest2660d ago

Why are you fools bringing PC into is? The title clearly states "Console Generation". Call of Duty 4 is new. Modern Warfare changed the direction of Call of Duty and spawned a new generation of copycat shooters on consoles. Little Big Planet was the beginning of its genre on consoles. It's one of the best and most defining games for consoles. Assassin's Creed is more a great series than a defining one. The same can be said about Bioshock and Mass Effect. No one can deny that the games are awesome for a great many gamers, but what did they define exactly? Uncharted defined the PS3 just as Gears of War defined the 360. There aren't many Assassin's Creed/Bioshock/Mass Effect clones out there. There aren't many developers looking to re-create the magic of those three games. They are just awesome games, not defining games.

Thatguy-3102660d ago

Did those games that you mention have killstreaks? Perks? You are just plain stupid if you don't think that modern warefare defined multiplayer this Generation.

ilovepsvita2660d ago

Yes.Every other Cod game after Cod4 was just rinse and repeat.

2660d ago
Thatguy-3102660d ago

Yea just like assasins creed right ?

Boody-Bandit2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I like Dead Space more than Bioshock.
The original Bioshock was excellent but 2 was slightly disappointing. Where Dead Space was excellent but I feel Dead Space 2 was even better.

Just my 2 cents / opinion

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LadyGaga2661d ago

I only guessed three out of five correctly.

ilikegam3s2661d ago

>< ive played all of them.

Epic list :D

Sure there are other games, but oh well.

the_best_player2660d ago

Assassin’s Creed = meh
Bioshock = meh
Mass Effect = meh
Uncharted = great
Gears of War = meh unreal engine

Eric Barrier2660d ago

Hmm, the only IP you liked was the PLayStation exclusive one... I wonder why?

-EvoAnubis-2660d ago

Dude, you're nuts. I agree with only your opinion on Bioshock (it just didn't do it for me) and Uncharted, but everything else on the list are fantastic IPs.

How any gamer could not like Mass Effect is simply beyond me.

Snakefist302660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

inFamous and Batman Arkham Asylum????

Jamzluminati2660d ago

I agree with AC and Uncharted BUT!

System Shock is better than Bioshock.
Star Wars was better than ME
And gears of war was nothing but hype.

perdie2659d ago

and what exactly did system shock and star wars do in the new IP department this generation?

Has nothing to do with anything

TBM2660d ago

awesome list and i agree 100%

kikizoo2660d ago


better list for me (even if i like bioshock and gear)

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NovusTerminus2661d ago

4 shooters... Yeah that does just about sum up this generation. >.>

Jacks_Medulla2661d ago

While that is a valid observation(I am shooter fatigued as well),each of those "shooters" are exceptionally good games.

GunofthePatriots2661d ago

mass effect one is more of an rpg

rabidpancakeburglar2661d ago

It's an RPG shooter, the only reason that it is downplayed in shooting terms is because the shooting is pretty awful.

EmperorDalek2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I didn't think the shooting was that bad...

bozebo2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Mass Effect is more of a shooter. They like to call it an RPG, but it isn't one.

Action Adventure Shooter is the best genre to put Mass Effect into, Fallout 3 is an RPG Shooter.

Qrphe2660d ago

I enjoyed the game, but it's not an RPG. RPG is nowadays more of a term people use to make games sound more hardcore.


bubbled up

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TronEOL2661d ago

And if you played all of them, you'd get a different feel from every single one.

Father Time2660d ago

Well yeah but that doesn't make them samey. No one can argue that Bioshock is a similar game to Uncharted.

Lord_Sloth2660d ago

But we can argue that Gears and Uncharted are similar and that ME is similar but with a magic gimmick and calling itself (falsely) an RPG.

2660d ago
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Assassin Nawabi2661d ago

Gotta agree with the list... may be lbp or portal could've sneaked in somewhere?

Mikefizzled2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Surely not Portal has been PC based as is anything Valve. LBP probably isn't a big and genre's haven't changed and followed suit as much as with the others.

Blaine2661d ago

I agree with LBP. Created both the ideas of "co-opetition" and "Play, Create, Share". LBP's been a much bigger influence on this gen than we realize.

Voxelman2661d ago

all that has been available on PC for years

Getowned2661d ago

true Voxelman,very true but for console LBP is good :),i never got lbp2 tho figured i got all i wanted out of lbp allready maybe im wrong.

pixelsword2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Voxelman is right; it has been available for years on the PC, that's the problem I have with this list: a lot of what's on it was on the PC already. Gears is great, but as far as the look and the chain-gun it gleaned that from Warhammer 40,000's armor and chain-blades (not to mention the whole kill.Switch thing, but that's another story).

And I don't see where anyone got anything from Mass Effect or Assassin's Creed.

A few people had Uncharted in it's sights, but only for the visual quality and maybe story elements (like what Clifford B. said or Sucker Punch Said)

Bioshock is a paragon and hasn't been copied... a paragon that is also almost like System Shock.

But I do have to concede that the title said IP's that defined this console's generation; but in a way, that's still kinda not fair because if a game/console is capable of doing more than the other games/consoles in terms of abilities, and a multiplatform game or exclusive can't emulate certain actions, it can't be influential although it is innovative to the point of being worthy of being emulated.

If you are talking about games which have influenced other games, (and as much as I hate to admit it) you can't ignore CoD because everyone's copying it in the vain effort of getting the the same amount of sales.

2k basketball has been influential from what I understand.

Motorstorm was highly influential in terms of car damage; Forza was just about as influential in terms of modifications to your car.

Halo was influential in terms of making a game sub-HD to raise the bar in terms of overall graphical quality; so I have to give credit where credit is due on that one because the games look great.

Wii Sports opened up the motion-control genre like no other game.

Resistance was first in terms of having a larger than normal amount of multiplayers (which opened to 60, then 256)

fl0w was probably the first indie game that showed that cheap didn't mean "low quality" on consoles.

There are other games and other genres, and opinions are like something else, I once heard...

otherZinc2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )


LBP didn't create anything but a name in play create share: its nothing but a name!
Halo 3 created FORGE! Remember that, that released before LBP.

Also, Forge came back much stronger & far more powerful in Halo:Reach!

You guys need to expand your library of games & you'd know how fantastic Forge Mode is in Halo:Reach!

MOTY2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

You are right Otherzinc. And to add to that, Forza 2 was released with the online auction house. So you could create designs and tuning set ups on the car and sell that car online. So even before Halo 3 introduced us to Forge, Forza 2 was allowing for a minimal aspect of Play, create and share. Buy a car with a nice custom paint job and tuning and save it so that you can reapply it to other cars in your garage. All done back of May 2007, 15 months before LBP was released.

Tony P2660d ago

I think that, while LBP absolutely did NOT create the concept, this list is not about originality in the slightest.

It is basically a popularity contest. It has a lot less to do with innovation and a bit more to do with reception by the modern gaming audience. That's why they're almost all shooters.

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MaxOpower2661d ago

I'm no fan, only played the first Modern warfare.

But Call of duty probably should have been on the list. Considering how much it has influenced the industry, and how many games it has sold.

DanSolo2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

It's not a new IP this gen.... COD4 was the first one this gen, but there were previous COD's last gen!

EDIT: Yeah but Modern Warfare is just COD set in modern times instead of WW2, it is not a new IP. This list is about totally new IP's this gen.

MaxOpower2661d ago

I know, properly should have made it clearer, but I meant "Modern warfare" not "COD"

RockmanII72661d ago

Actually CoD2 was the first one this gen.

Assassin Nawabi2661d ago

COD isn't a new IP, cod 1 came before 360 was released

MrChow6662660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

come on cod was ww2 until MW and it introduced perks and customization, cod wasnt new but Modern Warfare was. you cant deny the relevance of MW this gen, it is one of the more popular, loved, hated and debated franchises, for me playing MW when it came out was definitely a key moment this gen,even though I cant stand cod anymore.
I would have added dead space to the list

-EvoAnubis-2660d ago

@Mr Chow: Sure I can deny that. The CoD:MW games were fun, but defining the generation? Not even close. The MW games did what they did very well, and they polished it to a shine, but they didn't change anything.

Assassin's Creed gave us several huge cities that you could climb (and you had to think ahead before you tried it, because you're not Spider-Man) and a huge narrative that still isn't even close to over.

Mass Effect was so good that it almost single-handedly stole the RPG genre from Japan.

Gears didn't invent the cover system (only people who just started gaming this generation would think that), but they did it so well along with also doing well what Epic has always nailed in the Unreal games that it spread very well to other games.

Uncharted...well, damn, it was Uncharted. Incredible graphics, great characters, and a fun storyline made it seem like you were playing through a summer movie. And then they blew the doors off in UC2 by adding multiplayer.

I'm not a BioShock fan, but by combining weapons and powers, in the environment that it took place in, and the story it told was really unmatched.

CoD:MW? It was a really good FPS. Fantastic, but not really that big of a deal, industry-wise.

Akiba962661d ago

Ya this is a pretty good list. There are a few others that could of snuck in there but this list is still good.