New Details on Uncharted: "Only using 30% of SPU's"

Christophe Balestra, Co-President of Naughty Dog:

The main thing about the PlayStation 3 is the Cell processor and more specifically the SPU's. We are only using 30 percent of the power of the SPU's in Uncharted. We've been architecting a lot of our systems around this and we were able to take full advantage of that power. A big part of our systems is running on SPU's: scene bucketing, particles, physics, collision, animation, water simulation, mesh processing, path finding, etc. For our engine, the cool thing about having the SPU's is the fact we can minimize what we send to the RSX (the graphic chip), it allows us to reject unnecessary information and get the RSX to be very efficient.

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Altis14934d ago

of devs saying they are only using a small percentage of a systems power. This just makes them look like they are unable to harness a system true power. This goes to both PS3 and 360 devs.

ThaGeNeCySt4934d ago

don't know how u got a disagree but I agree w/ you

Azures4934d ago

Guess what, they won't be able to use its full potential for a long time. Look at the PS2 with God of War 2, that game represents the pinnacle of that system's potential and it just came out earlier this year. The PS2 released in 2001.

Close_Second4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

The PS2 was released in 2000...and is still going strong!

Who hit disagree? Sales for PS2 hardware and software are still extremely healthy and the console was released in Japan in 2000.

I wish people would use more than 30% of their brain when using this site.

mikeslemonade4934d ago

But they are using the power of the PS3. As long as they make a game like Uncharted which is visually more than impressive than any other game and probably tied with Gears, then it doesn't matter if they harness the true power because it's still too early to do that.

marinelife94934d ago

No developer is able to harness a systems entire power the first few times out. Practice makes perfect.

Danja4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

GeOW has been surpassed graphically by every PS3 had good graphics for it's lets move on....ever heard of


yup they all looked better than Gears

Snukadaman4934d ago

you also threw in the 360 but it dont bad word and its one less person that buys that junk.

AKS4934d ago

"This just makes them look like they are unable to harness a system true power."

The Uncharted demo certainly made it look like they DID understand how to harness the system's power. But they seem to be of the opinion that they can eventually improve on that (I'll have to see it to believe it; Uncharted was among the most impressive games I've ever seen as far as power and game development skills).

Genki4934d ago

It takes time to fully harness anything. It speaks about the complexity of the architecture, the efficiency, and also how voluminous the amount of power is.

If you think that people should be taking full advantage of any processing architecture right out of the gates, then you must believe that Rome was built in a day.

Yeah, it is a pretty petty marketing tactic to make such declarations, but it's not indicative of a lack of ability on the developers end, thatis if you believe it anyway. Take this stuff with a grain of salt, it's all politics after all.

JsonHenry4934d ago

They cut out the part that says "We would use the other 70%, but there is sadly a lack of RAM and it would bottleneck anyway.."

This goes for EVERY console ever made. Not just the PS3. What is the ONE thing Devs ask for on a console and never get? A decent amount of RAM!! Why the hell can't the big three pull their heads out of their asses and give the devs the ONE thing they ask for in a system more than anything?!

Twist964934d ago

I believe that Microsoft upgraded their RAM from 256mb to 512 when the Gears dev asked for cost about a billion dollars, ha ha. But we see results.

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MaximusPrime_4934d ago

im not surprised.

EA could have done better with N4S: Prostreet. it probably using less than 5% of PS3 power. Maybe they will improve in the near future.

ruibing4930d ago

This is what separates quality developers from the rest who just whines. These guys were able to create a brand new engine from scratch, switch from LISP to C++ to help other PS3 developers later on, and create an amazing solid title that is unlike anything they made before.

As a computer engineer, I would really love to read some white papers detailing some of the techniques they use.

X_GAMER_X4934d ago

All hype..why cant they make a good game without all that hype?
Thats why they flop
AKA liar

Blood_Spiller4934d ago

I have a strong feeling you haven't played the Uncharted demo yet.

Danja4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

LOL..i guess he never played JAK either on the ways this game looks stunning and compared to what 360 games looked liked in it's first year the PS3's future is looking ultra bright...


AKS4934d ago

Yeah, I agree with Blood_Spiller. You need to check out the Uncharted demo before you make such statements. I know people who despise Sony to the core who gush about this game after they played the demo. It's a sight to behold, especially if you're keen on animation, lighting, AI, and gameplay.

BestGamerAlive4934d ago

listen when da developers need 2 use all the power they will and it will lead 2 more innovative games just like Uncharted PS3 DA BEST

picker3324934d ago

I wondring what the games look's like if they used 100% of the power.
I'll say this on ps3 not 360,Not that i want to start a war here but the 360
almost use 100% of the power already.

OpiZA4934d ago

Not even close there man.

I love how something so complex (PC, 360, PS3, ect) can be represented by a solid percentage... Makes no sense

Proxy4934d ago

I read that GoW on 360 only used a small portion of it's processing ability. I don't think either system will ever be held back by processor power.

mark094934d ago

actually the devs of GOW have said they pushed the system to its limits.

dhammalama4933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Does that make sense?
I definitely agree that neither console uses close to it's full potential, though.
I think even when one does it will only be a matter of optimization to get the same code to run at a higher efficiency and thus use less of the console's full power.

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