Destructoid - Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Destructoid - Everyone thinks of taking their game to the next level, and many times, the brain goes straight to replacing the video card or some other internal computer part. However, one of the easiest improvements you might be able to make is upgrading your keyboard.

I present to you the Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. With a sleek design, high quality mechanical keys, and easily programmable macros, this keyboard will be the your front line in getting in front of and demolishing the competition.

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Rowland2663d ago

@ Alex Bout, Destructoid:

This is a ridiculous 'review' ! - It's a gaming keyboard yet you mention nothing about gaming performance and connectivity at all !!!

also the *drawbacks mentioned are pretty serious flaws yet you heartily recommend this product ?

* "...almost imposingly loud, and almost unbearable"

* "...uses a non-conventional font, which is a little more difficult to read at a glance compared to most keyboards"

* "Several customers have reported that the space bar will sometimes somehow shift and end up touching the alt key, which makes the space bar (and the alt key I assume) extremely hard to press"

* "I think the shift key is a little more difficult to press than the rest"

Sarcasm2663d ago

It's from Expecting quality writing from that is the same as expecting a Double Cheeseburger to make you lose weight.

Okay that's a poor example, but that's about as nonsense as the "review."