Student shows that Kinect + Gamepad FPS works pretty well

We’ve often speculated how Microsoft may or may not release an addon controller for Kinect to make playing of certain hardcore games possible with Kinect. As we’ve seen in a couple of hacks combining Kinect with a WiiMote and the Nunchuck works pretty well. Now an eager student has taken the time to give this concept a little bit of a different spin and combines the traditional Xbox controller with Kinect to create a workable concept of a hybrid first person shooter!

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vortis2664d ago

That's pretty cool, actually. Not bad at all.

I assume Kinect Trolls will pour in to say how "terrible" the concept is, nonetheless.

Agent-862664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Seriously, you thought that was pretty cool? Why not just lower that arm and take control of the right side of the controller? Why do all these funky moves with your right arm when you can do it more accurately and quickly with an analog stick and some buttons (and much less tirelessly)? So, if I prefer controllers or KB/M for FPS games, I am a troll in your book? Whatever makes you happy.

I just don't get it. KB/M for PC and controller for consoles are just infinitely better than any of these motion control gimmicks. Why not stick to the things that Kinect does best? Like dance, fitness, party and casual games. Kinect just isn't appropriate for FPS games. A fast response time and accurate controls are critical for FPS games.

vortis2664d ago

Dude, just because you think the keyboard/mouse combo is better doesn't mean everyone loves it.

In fact, I play all my PC games with an Xbox 360 controller, does it mean everyone should?

I think it's a nice alternative for possible interactive solutions in various types of games that could free the controls up for more actions.

Agent-862664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

@vortis, you obviously didn't read my comment very closely. I never said the KB/M was better than a contoller. My point was that the KB/M or controller is infinitely better than any motion control gimmick. Yes, I did mention KB/M for PC and controller for console, but that's only because those are the dominate control schemes for each platform. You may use a 360 controller on the PC, but the vast majority use a KB/M. Same with consoles. Some may use a KB/M adapter, but most use the controller. Please read more thoroughly before making followup comments.

Hellsvacancy2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Well i think its dumb/pointless, i aint gotta problem sayin so (because it IS)

He doesnt even need an extra controller, he could of done it with a mouse

I just dont see the point in this, "controller free gamin" rememeber?

darthv722664d ago

MS never said that when it comes to kinect there would not be hybrid games. It is those who have no interest in kinect that want to keep harping on the "you are the controller" idea.

The games that will require both will be available soon enough.

Muffins12232664d ago

idk,it just catches attention,it caught yours because you clicked on it LOL.Also watch some trolls give me a dislike because i said you clicked this,its fuckin true dumb ass trolls

bruddahmanmatt2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

The most telling clue in this video is the look on that guy's face. He really seems to be enjoying himself. LOL.

Let's face it, when it comes to using motion controls for games that require 3D movement, a control device in each hand works best (Move, Wii). Perhaps if MS offered some sort of Navigation controller just for your left hand, but holding a controller made for two hands with just one hand ends up feeling awkward and weird after a while. This video is a classic example of fixing things that aren't broken. The motion inputs are sloppy, the whole thing lags and it simply doesn't work as well as a traditional controller. Whatever additional immersion this is supposed to provide to the gamer is lost in the sloppy implementation of Kinect as demonstrated in the video.

The tech behind Kinect is intriguing but it simply doesn't work here.

gamingdroid2664d ago

I'm sure you look a lot better playing games?

The only time I see people have massive laughter is when they are playing party games on the Wii or Kinect.

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scofios2664d ago

Kinect you are the controller ,so why use a Gamepad ??

t0mmyb0y2664d ago

Just to set it straight, I only own a PS3. I do however think the tech behind the Kinect can be used to do some cool stuff. I would not play a game like this though lol. Your arm would get pretty tired pretty fast.

Muffins12232664d ago

the only thing i see good for kinect for fps is voice commands like,for cod you could say drop car package,that would be cool :D

news4geeks2664d ago

@muffins - we don't need kinect for voice commands we already have that option with cheap devices. Kinect is useless in the fps genre.

Machioto2664d ago

@darth If they were so concerned with hybridize games then there first unveiling should have been ideas how it would work instead of saying that thing in your hand is a barrier that restricts a true sense of immersion.

Bigpappy2664d ago

I like the opening doors and picking up items using Kinect. I think than since he has the controller in this hand, he should at least use the right triger for firing. For moving the camera, I would have prefered using the shoulders to turn left and right.

I understand that this is just proof of concept on what can be done with Kinect if you just use a controller for walking.

In a real game, this would be considered an over use of kinect. Kinect is core game should be used as and aid to the controller, not the replacement.

gapecanpie2664d ago

Use it for head tracking and mini games that the only real use I can see it being use for in a fps .... it seem most people still don't understand kinect is optional for extra fun ..... if you don't like it then don't buy it ..... its that simple but it seem a lot of people must love it going by sells.

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iamnsuperman2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

My big question is how is the kinect knowing the difference between the shoot and pick up action. To me they look the same. From the article it seems its a generic action for generic action which could be problematic with game requiring to open doors and have a gun at the same time. None the less not bad. A definite step in the right direction

Kamikaze1352664d ago

It might have something to do with the controller in his hand, lol. I guess he holds down the trigger button and that changes the function of the motion he does.

jacksheen00002664d ago

Still not convinced. Throw a couple of Baddies in the room and let see if it works then.

Agent-862664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

I'm with you and think they just should stop trying to force Kinect into genres it doesn't do well. FPS games are meant to be played with a KB/M on a PC or a controller on a console. They are just so much more accurate and have a quicker response times which is critical in a FPS game. Give it up already. Kinect isn't meant for FPS games so stop trying. Let it do what it does best: dance, fitness, party and casual games.

rocky902664d ago

wow these students are intelligent...and why is everybody hating? wouldnt you like a different way to play? if this is perfected it could be a great option other than the classic dual analogs...

Biggest2664d ago

Different for the sake of different, no. Different for the sake of improvement, yes. This is not an improvement. I don't hate that people are trying. No progression without experimentation.

JBSleek2664d ago

Don't show things like this to "hardcore" fans. They don't know how to act when something different is put in their face.

"Hardcore" fans and I use the word hardcore very lightly in most cases because all gamers are gamers... are all about the past and things that work. If you show them something about motion control or touchscreens or forbid mention mobile gaming they act out...

Tony P2664d ago

Tbh, there's something to be said for the stubbornness surrounding all Kinect news and improvements. I've avoided the device since it came out only to see it improve from the input of inventive users and professional game designers.

I still don't have one, but if they bring it to the next Xbox, I think it might finally have something to show to people who don't already own a Wii.

Keep up the research.

Hicken2664d ago

"Different" isn't the problem. "More effective" is. This is neither efficient nor practical. Or, I should say, it's neither more efficient nor more practical than using a controller which, by the way, he's holding in his other hand.

I can sit with a controller in my hand for hours. I cannot stand with my arm up for hours.

The Kinect is promising tech, bu so far, that's all it is: promising.

Tony P2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

But who says it has to be?

This isn't done for the sake of efficiency or practicality. It's done to pull in customers with new ways to experience a game. It doesn't have to be more effective. It can even be less so as long as the result is something fun, challenging, or simply entertaining.

Wii waggle is neither efficient or practical in most regards. But it still manages to introduce new experiences that anyone can enjoy.

They don't have to reinvent the wheel. They just have to make the ride more interesting.

Hicken2664d ago

How many people here looked at it and saw the flaws immediately? Yes, it may seem like we're being harsh, or not open to change, but that's not the case at all.

What we're seeing isn't the inclusion of casual and motion-controlled gaming into the industry, but casual and motion-controlled gaming taking over the industry.

The Wii is fun. For a while. But the games that most appeal to me on the Wii have little to no motion controls. Those games are, however, few and far between (or not slated for US release).

The 360 has some great games, but the focus moving forward is squarely on Kinect. And I don't have a problem with Kinect, per se, but it's being shoehorned into everything. Just the other day, there was an article about Kinect being used for rpgs somehow or another. And there's the use of it in Mass Effect 3 which is, in my opinion, just a gimmick.

This video shows promise, but I can't see myself holding a controller in one hand and gesturing with the other. The lack of something in my hand isn't fun gaming for me. And while it CAN be fun for people who would be open to it, it's becoming the standard, rather than an addition.

Tony P2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Gimmicky. I agree with that. It is being shoe-horned into ME3 as much as Move was forced on Bioshock Infinite. It's a fact actually: voice control in ME3 is a complete gimmick. I even saw an interview with Geoff Knightly after MS's E3 conference where it was admitted by MS brass that it was more or less entirely unnecessary.

And that's exactly why I'd like to see Kinect grow into more than the brainless mo-cap camera MS is using it for currently.

Lastly, I think maybe gamers oversimplify what Kinect means to the industry. To MS it's the future. To devs it's just another peripheral. So it will never be standard on 360. As with Sony and Nintendo's many peripherals, the best games for it have to come from in-house.

Personally, I'm not asking for anything more than that.

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