A glimpse into the future of Avatar Kinect?

123kinect writes: Avatar Kinect is a fun way to do group meeting and to casually interact with friends. The fact that you can actually use body language to convey your message makes for a far more interesting way to communicate. However at the moment it is more than a gimmicky way of doing so and things could be drastically improved. A new research paper by Microsoft might hint at possible plans to greatly improve the way Avatar Kinect works!

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malol2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

misleading picture
this is taken form an old PC tech demo showing DX11 on some Nvidia card

psvitaisking2704d ago

lol using gimmicks 4 hits..

El_Colombiano2704d ago

Blatantly obvious. 360 couldn't replicate that.

sovietsoldier2704d ago

it looks like they are saying "two weeks two weeks".

JOLLY12704d ago

How long will you be staying?