Silhouetris Kinect

kinecteduniverse wites: "Would you like to play Tetris without the controller. Now you can with SIlhouetris. This app has the old school game Tetris, but your silhouette is the controller from the Kinect camera and whatever movements you do the tetris pieces take shape with what you made through your body gestures. This app is an amazing breakthrough to have video games like Tetris appeal to veterans and beginners."

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gamingdroid2709d ago

That SUPER LOUD shout in the beginning of the video is annoying!

Bigpappy2709d ago

Here is hoping they can bring this to "indie" on XBLA.

r212709d ago

sweet, an innovative game based on tetris :D

firemassacre2708d ago

this seems like a good kinect game for xbox 360