TGH: Starhawk Gamescom Preview

TGH Writes: Starhawk is the much-anticipated spiritual sequel to Warhawk. Unveiled and announced back in E3 this year the game was now on show at Gamescom and so TGH got up close and personal with it.

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gw4k4693d ago

Looking good. Me wants!

firemassacre4693d ago

me three, the space combat they showed was really outstanding.

detroitmademe4693d ago

This is the 1st article ive read on this game that criticised it a little. im gonna have to go with the majority on this one.Not to mention I remember how great of a game Warhawk was


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zaanan73d ago

Not a single Reistance? Fuck this article.

mastershredder73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Starhawk over Warhawk?...... Dude, NO ONE should listen to you.

Odd choices for "best" more like you settled as these being the "best" that available to you at the time, cause a lot of these blow or were average to poor performers that ended up in bargain bin.

Missing too many great sci-fi titles here. The Void, The Resistance Series, Killzone 2 and 3, Enslaved, man.. there were so many, this is redicu-list.

FreeckyCake73d ago

Nobody should listen to you either with that attitude.

OtterX73d ago

I agree that Starhawk shouldn't be above Warhawk, however I must say that Starhawk multiplayer was incredible for its time! Many people wrote it off bc the single player was quite terrible, bc it was basically 1 huge tutorial for the multiplayer. But I can tell you never spent any significant amount of time in MP. It was doing incredibly tense base building w air, foot and land vehicle (and mech!) combat long before Fortnite was ever a thing.

I bet it would have been much better received if it had just ditched the story mode all together. So many people like yourself completely wrote it off based on reviews by reviewers that let the criticism of single player weigh heavily on their scores. I bet you didn't even play it.

Friendlygamer73d ago

The riddick games are some of the best stealth titles ever, highly underrated

YourMommySpoils73d ago

What games? All recall plating was Escape from Butcher Bay.

Friendlygamer73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

There's also the less acclaimed 'assault on dark Athena'

( also, not saying this to you specifically but there's both resistance and killzone games on the list, it's amazing how even something so simple and innocent as a game list can be turned into misinformed vitriol here lol )

jznrpg73d ago

Glad to see Resonance of Fate. Enslaved was pretty good too. I’m sure there are others nobody has listed but I’m too tired to try and think of anything


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RPGer1150d ago

I miss Dark Cloud I mean damn, Dark Cloud 2 is one of the best Action RPG game ever made. The game have: Rich Worlds, different setting, tons of contents, vareity in gameplay like never before (and even after), best buliding mechanics, crafting system like no one did and finally impressive graphics.

Most underrated game ever. It deserved the popularity and sales of Zelda and Final Fantasy. ut unfortunately, Level-5 and Sony didn't advertise it at all.

titans99991150d ago

My franchises I wish would make a come back, are Battlefront by pandemic studios - galactic conquest was the best, mercenaries 1 and 2, and prototype 1 and 2...great games!


Pure Reminiscing: Starhawk

Pure PlayStation: Pure Reminiscing is a brand new feature from our very own Kyle Durant. It’s… different. Think of it like a mini-novel full of Kyle’s most weird and wonderful musings about games of yesteryear. If nothing else, at least it’s long enough to give you something to do on your journey to work in the morning….

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