Shocking Introduction: A First Look at the Bodycount Demo (

From "The graphics are nice and the story looks as though it will be interesting enough. This demo did it's job, and I am definitely looking forward to picking this up in two weeks."

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showtimefolks2836d ago

i know in few months this will be under 30 like bulletstorm was so while i wait for a price drop on this i can play other games.

I just think they should have released this in june or july for better launch window and better overall sales

TheShow172836d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. This looks like a sequel to Bulletstorm.

TheShow172836d ago

Not excited at all... It looks way too cartoony for my taste. My hopes kept dwindling that it would at least resemble Black with the more and more pictures and video released, but that is clearly not the case. There's not even a story to be the least bit attached to.

If you really want to buy it, wait 3 months. It will definitely by hovering around $30 by then.

STK0262836d ago

I tried the demo, and in my opinion, the game is awful. The graphics were definately subpar, mostly the textures. The controls felt a bit too loose to me, let's just say they definately don't feel as responsive as CoD's (say what you want about CoD, but the controls feel very responsive) and the shooting felt somewhat unsatisfying.

On the bright side, the destruction was nice.

FragMnTagM2836d ago

I agree, the destruction, while limited, was the best thing about this turd of a game.

The A.I. is a complete joke and the missions feel really lame. The level design is sub-par.

Shit, even Duke Nukem is better than this game.

StarWolf2836d ago

red barrel spamming = 2011? guys in front of you looking the other direction? Why? every game does this . Its stupid.

Does this even have online mp? because I know the SP wont be challenging.

AngelicIceDiamond2836d ago

I played it, felt like just another FPS coming down the assembly line with more destruction than usual fps. How dare they have a launch window close to Gears and resistance and deadIsland no offense but Codemaster should of known this game would be a complete failure. But yeah just another boring dull Fps game thats all it is.