Joystick Radio Previews - Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Joystick Radio Previews Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Some info from the preview:"Uncharted: Drakes Fortune is a AAA title for the Playstation 3 as far as I can tell from playing the demo. Graphically Uncharted looks splendid and the details in the environment gives off this exciting atmosphere to roam around and the lighting is perfect, as the sunlight from above shines down through the trees and creates shadows on the ground and as you walk through the water you can see the after effect on Drakes legs. The facial expression on either Drake or Elena gives you a real idea how they feel and above all it's brings them to life as close as possible."

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wil4hire4047d ago

First Gt5p owned forza...
Now Uncharted owns Gears. Cant wait till the 19th

dude_uk4047d ago

"Now Uncharted owns Gears. Cant wait till the 19th"

I fear you shall get some disagrees because of that

i think you know why.....

but fear not... heres some bubbles

Strange4047d ago

lol, no disagrees yet :P

hazeblaze4047d ago

"The gameplay is really smooth, cover system is very fluid and if you have played Gears Of War (a class game btw) on the Xbox 360 before then you find the cover system on Uncharted feels much more smooth and less painful when performed. Most of the time you be covering behind objects because the enemies are much smarter then you think! "

Gears is still one of the better games on the 360 & I would never take anything away from it. But fanboys that claim that Uncharted is biting Gears has not played both games... b/c Uncharted's gameplay is just far deeper.

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demolitionX4047d ago

what i really liked about the demo too, the enemies are so smart. AI is so advanced in this game and so agressive on normal, not sure how it will look like on hard?????

games4fun4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

the AI is a little bit better and you cant take nearly as much damage, i was shouting an expletive the moment my screen went gray with just stepping out of cover for a second and then i had to make sure all my head shots counted and done fast before i would go gray screen for stepping out again.
I played the game demo multiple times and i still had trouble on hard even when i knew where each character was coming from.

ya i forgot about all the extra grenade throwing they did.the flanking alone makes me appreciate the AI.

wh0am14047d ago

It's AWESOME on hard!
It kicks everyting into higher gear.
Your enemies are more aggressive, you will get flanked constantly!
They will use grenades more often to force you to another cover.
the shot gun guys will run at you kamikaze sytle!
And they change their positions more often!

Gah...I can't wait for the game!

TheExecutive4047d ago

the main difference on hard is the amount of hits you can take. AI is a tad more aggressive and a little smarter but thats about it.

eagle214047d ago

Why only 4 bubbles? Don't worry, I'll help you. Bubble 4U.

hazeblaze4047d ago

Hard is AWESOME!!! I plan to beat the game on normal first, but I'm REALLY looking forward to playing the game again on Hard mode. It's definitely a different experience, lol.

I just can't say enough about the AI in this game... it's hands down the best enemy AI I have ever played against.

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remix4047d ago

watch how good this guy is playing and how good he makes this game looks.

wait till it gets the the big open area though. i think its about 3 minutes in, im not sure but this video was freakin crazy good.

i dont have the demo yet but im tellin you this video is freakin amongst the best (bad quality though)

wh0am14047d ago

it looks like he's on Easy mode
the screen would've turned gray in 3 shots if it was on hard

meh...still it's a nice video

xg-ei8ht4047d ago

Flanking is great, demo is great, A.I reminds me of farcry:) Awesome demo.

I'd like some bubbles:)

resistance1004047d ago

Give bubbles and you shall recieve ;)

Anyway now that you do mention it, the Ai is simalar to Far Cry which is never a bad thing ^_^. Bubbles for pointing that out

Daishi4047d ago

Thank you! Someone finaly mentioned FarCry, but the cover system reminds me far more of Killswitch than Gears. Mainly because in gears the camera was closer to you when you were behind cover to make you rely more on your alies, in Killswitch it panned out farther because you were all alone...

iceice1234047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Maybe you guys finally will get your 1st triple A game, that wasn't already played at least a year ago on my 360!

Wait wait wait, so you guys don't think this game will be triple A? Hmm, even Sony fans arn't excited for this game.

Awww poor baby, don't cry now.

Danja, sony girl, what ever that list fails as much as your console. triple A = 90% or higher average. So no Sony exclusive has reached it. Sigma...I played that on my Xbox years ago. Sigma wouldn't count it's a port and Oblivion was on the 360. None of the others, those laughable games, are triple A.

remix4047d ago

rachet was also tripple aaa. most the reviewers said it was, idc if a couple really low reviews brought the average. and actually still has it above 90.

metacritics never fixed there mistake with game revolutions score.

and not only that but, think about how fuc*ing stupid you sound.

if almost everybody thought the game was tripple AAA and then TWO PEOPLE GAVE IT A REALLY LOW SCORE, AND BROUGHT DOWN THE AVERAGE.

so basically what your asking is for EVERY reviewer in the world to think its tripple AAA. you young mind has alot to learn

Danja4047d ago

when did metacritics score make agame AAA..?? I thought it was all about huge production values and what not..?? ways...

so were these games on the 360 last year.??

Heavenly Sword

thereapersson4047d ago

You must be one of the most angst-filled fanboys on this website. Did Ken Kutaragi come to your house and touch you while you slept or something?

QuackPot4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

1. Click ignore

2. Don't reply

3. Don't click disagree

The trolls get their jollies off when people reply to them or even pushes disagree - that means you've read their comments and they love that.

So simply ignore them. Ostracize them completely.

Then they can flame & troll to their hearts delight and the only people reading their trash are fellow trolls. Poor boys.

Likewise, ignore completely any articles/stories which are clearly flamebait.

You'd be amazed by the power complete isolation....

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