APB Reloaded Q&A With GamersFirst writes: APB Reloaded has had quite a success story - originally holding the title as the shortest lasting MMO in history under the reign of Realtime Worlds, GamersFirst stepped in, fixed it up and re-released it as a free2play venture. Since the open beta the game has grown into an online powerhouse that has a great community. We recently caught up with APB Reloaded Producer, Jonenee Merriex to discuss the past, present and future of this new MMO.

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Rushing_Punch2629d ago

I had a beta key for this. Unremarkable

cyguration2629d ago

This game pwns so much!

G1 did a remarkable job.

Just about everyone in-game will whine and complain like a little girl but that's because someone HAS to lose.

Instead of grinding on mobs you grind on other players. It's badass.

hellerphant2629d ago

Yeah I'm more than happy with the job GamersFirst have done with the revamp, and I'm even considering handing over for a premium account.