How Fable: The Journey will "compel" you to buy Kinect - Molyneux

OXM UK: "Hardcore gamer distrust for Microsoft's Kinect is down to a shortage of challenge and immersion, according to Peter Molyneux. The Lionhead boss hopes that forthcoming Kinect exclusive Fable: The Journey will "compel" detractors to invest, with a level of difficulty comparable to Fable 2."

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StifflerK2631d ago

Apparently it uses tech from Milo , if this game lets you talk to NPCs and they can actually understand and talk back, that'd be ace.

I'd like to see more gameplay, hopefully the world and your character will still change depending on your actions like in the other Fables, and hopefully they'll still have the same sense of humour.

dirigiblebill2631d ago

The horse is apparently quite dynamic - if you mistreat it, it'll get all thin and bedraggled, and NPCs won't take so well to you if your nag looks rough.

RankFTW2631d ago


JellyJelly2631d ago

The power of the riff compels me!

Micro_Sony2631d ago

I wonder if I can let go a fart and Kinect will detect it.

I can the see the look on the villgers face when the hear my farts.

peowpeow2631d ago

..and whoevers watching you >_<

Wizziokid2631d ago

from the videos I've seen


TBM2631d ago

Not a chance peter my 360 will do fine without the camera. You keep your game i'll play the other games that are better and more interesting for me.

Micro_Sony2631d ago

"You keep your game i'll play the other games that are better and more interesting for me."

Not intrested but yet you clicked on the article.

TBM2631d ago

Last I saw everyone has a right to their own opinion. Do you disagree with this statement?

You could've easily just not responsed to what I wrote, but it seems to have cause you some harm.


I think if Peter has taken it upon himself to challenge what we think will and will not make us pay money for kinect then there is no reason not to let him know that we think his statement is trash.

Micro_Sony2631d ago

Air humping Eva Mendes does not count as breaking your virginity.

Septic2631d ago

At least the Kinect stands a fighting chance of detecting my wand Mr 'MICRO_Sony'

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The story is too old to be commented.