Gears of War 3 12 Month Gold Membership Comes with In-Game Weapon Code | Esperino

Microsoft and Epic Games are gearing up for the release of Gears of War 3 with a special Gears of War 3 12 Month Gold Membership pack.

The pack will grant you access to 12 months of gold membership plus an additional 2 bonus months. To make the pack truly unique, you’ll also receive an in-game weapon code unlock, redeemable once the game launches.

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JoGam2687d ago

Now that's a good deal. Anyone looking to kill two birds with one stone.

FACTUAL evidence2686d ago

This will definitely make me renew my xbox live.

vickers5002686d ago

Yep. I was about to renew XBL last night, but I'm glad I didn't.

Going to wait till Gears 3 comes out, as that's the only reason I plan to renew at all and play my 360 again.

otherZinc2686d ago


Gears 3 already has more than 1.2million pre-orders; now THIS!

M$ just gave us the bonus of the year!

Mr Patriot2686d ago

and here i thought MS would give a free 12 month gold account with every geo3 ..

CaptainPunch2687d ago

Hoping this is available at Gamestop

omi25p2686d ago

How much more are they going to cut just to have special offers.

So far its around 7 character skins and about 5 weapon skins.

vickers5002686d ago

They're just skins, chill out. They have no affect on the actual gameplay.

omi25p2686d ago

Chill out? Im not angry im just surpised how much is being removed for DLC.

vickers5002686d ago

Whose to say that they didn't just make it specifically for those promotions? We don't know if they were made before and then cut or not.

I don't think you should assume they're already in the game.

Vaud-Villian2686d ago

I know right? you see how many items were removed from uncharted 3 just to be given away as beta rewards! Totally gutted.

GuyManDude2686d ago

14 months for $50 isn't horrible, but XBL 12 month cards go on sale to $40 (sometimes less) quite a bit.

MasterD9192686d ago

I would snatch it up...especially if you are getting Gears. Its a rip-off to pay 50 bux without getting the two bonus months.

If you can get Xbox Live membership cards for under $50 with shipping go ahead...but I rarely see that anymore with the price hike.