BioWare Should Make Mass Effect 3 More Like Pokemon

SG - It seems like you can’t click on more than two video game sites without running into some gushing fan boy idiot proclaiming the greatness of Mass Effect. It gets tiring, especially since Mass Effect (particularly the original game) is clearly a failed series. There are so many things wrong with the games that even Sony didn’t want to release the original on the PS3.

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rabidpancakeburglar2636d ago


SuicidalTendencies2636d ago

Just give it a few more sequels and it will. It's already not an RPG anymore.

Stealth2k2636d ago

well the fact that its not an rpg anymore probably has more to do with EA

dragon age 2 sucked donkey balls and it was nothing more than a glorified hack and slash

MaxXAttaxX2636d ago

Funny thing is that Pokemon is actually more of an RPG.

TheLig322636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

@ Nathan... And what role exactly do you play in Pokemon?? When I play ME and I make the dialogue choices, and choose which attributes to upgrade I am in the role of Commander Shepard. What role do you play in any jrpg?? you don't play the role of your character in combat, you just pick your action from a menu and watch it. You don't pick your dialogue options, or story path. My experience in all of the Final Fantasy games that I've played was the same experience that anyone else had. When I talk to a friend about Mass Effect we experienced the same story arch, but with different consequences to our choices. If that's not an RPG then I don't know what is... funny article though

Stealth2k2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )


you cant honestly be saying you dont make choices in pokemon. Ones that effect the outcomes of battles?

And you dont choose attributes to upgrade? REALLY


dialogue choices dont make rpgs. becaucse if that was the case than gta is an rpg.

MaxXAttaxX2636d ago

I don't have time to tell you about stat building and attributes.

sjaakiejj2636d ago

I love how people blame EA for all the bad things in games. The project is proposed by Bioware to EA, usually given a design and a plan for EA to read through. Since Mass Effect 1 was successful, EA would quickly green-light the next game, and Bioware would start on the game with their own Creative Freedom.

EA didn't change the game. Bioware did.

shammgod2636d ago

I agree...donkey balls were sucked

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FCOLitsjustagame2636d ago

That was funny.

"Unfortunately, it’s rumored that Mass Effect 3 will offer “closure” of the story that started with Mass Effect. What a terrible decision. Pokemon’s open-ended quest to enslave powerful elemental creature in tiny balls is effectively the greatest story ever told, and this is due in no small part to its endless nature."

Is that what Pokeman is really about...huh who knew....

Xelestial2636d ago

At first I thought this was an obvious troll article. Then I saw the name of the website.

KMCROC2636d ago

Like how he makes it sound like Sony had a say weather or not the original ME was going to be released on their system , find that highly unlikely seeing as how MS published the first game. lol

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