6 Oblivion Problems to Fix with Skyrim

Even today Oblivion is a stunning looking game. However, the graphics engine is over five years old now, and it's really starting to show its age in places. With Skyrim due out at the end of the year, including a (kind of) brand new graphics engine, some of Oblivion's limitations will be overhauled with the new game - including the levelling system which this time around will actually reward players for levelling up, rather than punishing them.

But what else could do with tuning up? PlayStation Future takes a look...

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Rom8282637d ago

The graphics for face animation would be a good advancement. I heard a podcast where Todd Howard and other developers were making it a high priority for Skyrim.

It's going to be tough, but I am going to avoid fast travel in Skyrim. I used it too often in Oblivion, and it separated me from the massiveness of Tamriel. Also, I am going to avoid abilities that break the game. For example, I had a Chameleon set of clothing that made me 100% invisible. It just made the game too easy. Also, I had a spell that with one touch would drop the deadliest of opponents (even on a hard setting).

Mcardle2637d ago

As long as there are TES Mods then no problem will be too large to fix.

Simco8762637d ago

Sounds like nit picking here... but I can see some of these things making sense.

This is really the answer all open world games need....

Rettom2635d ago

It's a scam....


Baka-akaB2637d ago

Meh feels like a list of unimportant stuff . The biggest flaws were imo the horrid dialogue system , wich i believe i heard they'd fix .

Then the abysmal character facial designs , wich they've already truly improved so far .

The leveling system , already looking better .

And some weird IA behaviors and kinks