Quick Quotes: Kinect can potentially revolutionize player-character interaction

“[Something] we struggled with in the games industry for a long time is building an emotional connection between the person playing and the characters inside the games. With Kinect, [you are] able to talk to characters inside the games, and experience not just voice recognition but them being able to understand the tone of your voice and how you’re saying things, and being able to see your body and incorporating that into relationships.

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Otheros004209d ago

Give me proof or diskinect forever.

Boletarian4209d ago

Cloud-based AI exists today.

Wolfram alpha.


Kinect would allow the AI to see the human it is interacting with.

Well, those two examples aren't true Asimovian AI, but they're getting smarter everyday, and Kinect or technology like it can be used in the future to "connect" man and machine into a smooth interface.

Jdub895O4209d ago

just checked out chatbox.....its retarded

Boletarian4209d ago

It learns by tapping into the internet. It gets smarter over time.

I bet you asked it questions like, "Are you gay" or "Do you want to touch my butt?"

It's okay. We all ask it those questions.

Jdub895O4209d ago

too bad the ps3 move cant....

r214209d ago

who knows dude, we'll have to wait and see what game developers will do with it.

r214209d ago

probably have to agree, we'll have to see in the future.