Looking back: Bladestorm: Tecmo Koei's most under appreciated game? | Otaku Gaming

But at the end of the day, the game simply wasn't received well enough for Tecmo Koei to feel the need for a sequel. It's a pity, because this kind of game is a niche that isn't really being filled right now.

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Dark_Overlord4145d ago

I loved this game, but I only play it every so often, the combat can get rather boring very fast.

maniacmayhem4145d ago

this game was good but i think Deception deserves the most underrated game.

jc485734145d ago

good, but not great. And by great, I don't meant to say that this was so under appreciated that it was great (only some deserve it).

oceancrown4145d ago

an amazing game, just wish i had completed it, got to last battle and it broke. typical

Ares844145d ago

Ohh man, I totally forgot about this game. I need to get it.

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