Top 5 Underrated Xbox360 Games

For those of you not yet familiar with the Unsung Heroes series, the rules are as follows; games eligible are those disc-based releases that Electronic Theatre feels have been underrated, undersold, or treated unfairly since launch. And for Xbox360 (along with every other system) we're keeping it based strictly on titles that have seen UK launch. The positive reception we've received to the Unsung Heroes series has been very much appreciated...

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Forbidden_Darkness4553d ago

The only two that deserve to be on that list are Dark Sector and Just Cause...

Eddie201014553d ago

I agree. Dark Sector was a great game, even though I played it on the PS3.

-Angel-4552d ago

Haven't played Just Cause, but I agree with you about Dark Sector, I played the X360 version, and I really like the game, really surprised to see it on the list.

buckethead_9114553d ago

Nice article. Dark Sector is an awesome game and is surely underrated. The GFX esp.

mathsman4553d ago

i really liked bladestorm. Totally wasn't what I was expecting.

chasuk084553d ago

I think this list should be renamed the 5 most crappest 360 games, as ive played 4 of them and they are all crap.

SuperM4553d ago

The thing is 360 only have overrated games, not underrated. So the games that didnt score that good simply werent that good making a serious underrated list for 360 impossible.

bomboclaat_gamer4553d ago

real crappy games

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The story is too old to be commented.