KOEI not planning a Bladestorm follow-up

KOEI has told Eurogamer there are no existing plans for a sequel to Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War.

The publisher was speaking after announcing Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2, the original of which launched alongside Bladestorm - also on Xbox 360 and PS3 - last November.

In Bladestorm, rather than control and fight as one character, entire squads of period fighters such as pikemen or royal knights or musketeers or archers could be captained into huge skirmishes, a bit like Total War on speed.

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GamerMan4602d ago

I really was hoping they would expand on this game. There was so much more they could of done. Hopefully they will revisit it at some point and time. :)

Unliek many people I guess I actually liked this game and found it fun.