Michael Legg on Petroglyph (or Yes, there is life after Westwood Studios)

Petroglyph President and Co-Founder Michael Legg has seen many sides of this industry in his career as a lead programmer and occasional designer. He’s most famous for his work at Westwood Studios, where he gathered 17 years of valuable experience and stories . After that, Legg decided to co-found his own studio; Petroglyph. With the majority of the studio hard at work on the upcoming MMORTS End of Nations, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to sit down and talk to Legg about changing the design of PvP, Petroglyph’s work on their own newest projects, staying innovative, learning from others and the studio’s internal love for League of Legends.

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Gamesauce2831d ago

Funny fact: Legg also met his wife at Westwood Studios :).

scruffy_bear2831d ago

Nice and they made C&C :)

bozebo2831d ago

It's a shame because I think End of Nations is going to flop. That is just what happens to 90% of mmos.

And of course they love LoL, :P

C_Menz2831d ago

I'm hoping it does well. It is turning out to look like a great game and something different than other MMO's and RTS out there. Instead of sticking to the same old formula they are changing things up a bit.