Five Reasons to Purchase Gears of War 3 Over Uncharted 3

PlanetXbox360: "There's no denying that 2011 will go down as the year with some of the biggest head-to-head battles in the history of gaming. With Battlefield and Modern Warfare duking it out for the envied position as the year's best military shooter, there are a number of other genres facing similar competition, most notably the third person shooter category. There's really no question that Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 are the front runners in this category and will be competing for our time. Before you all start chewing my head off, I realize that these are two very different games, and while Uncharted is much more of a platformer and Gears is a more tactical and competitive shooter, the reality is that gamers not only have limited time, but they also have limited funds. So I'm going to break down for you why Gears of War 3 is the better choice if one should find him/herself in such a predicament."

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EVILDEAD3604717d ago

It would be easy to bash PlanetXbox360 for starting the inevitable flame war, but it would be hypocritical. Game Trailers is doing exactly the same thing. Pitting Games against games (includung these two).

Two different consoles two different games..and the truth is Gears of War 3 dropping in September won't effect Uncharted 3 in November.

If you own a 360..Gears HAS to be at the top of the list for must buys..

If you own a PS3 why on this planet earth would you not get Uncharted 3..

Epic and Naughty dog are simply the cream of the crop for what they do..

Gears 1 and 2 are hands down two of the best co-op experiences this gen. Gears 3 has jumped into Halo territory and will be 4-player co-op for the first time..There are too many things to list that make Gears special to gamers..but Jeez was Horde mode f-ing fun or what?

Uncharted and later Uncharted 2 buried Lara Croft in the sand. (she's only know popping her head out for air). It not only got the adventure game technical stuff right (controls, camera etc.)..the game absolutely revolutionized what great voice acting was about. Uncharted 2 felt like an 8 hour blockbuster summer movie that you didn't want to end. At it core, Uncharted 2 was easily one of the best single player cinematic experiences this gen.

I'm glad I don't have to choose beteen them. I'm getting both day one. But I will say, I'm damn near on the fence about getting that Marcus Fenix statue for 150 dollars..lol..D@mn you Epic!!


RayRay364717d ago

So what if GT does it too? So its okay? Its not just 'Gears 3 vs Uncharted 3', its which one you should buy. Really? The author of this article is pathetic.

EVILDEAD3604717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

@ RayRay36

So what if GT does it too? So its okay? Its not just 'Gears 3 vs Uncharted 3', its which one you should buy. Really? The author of this article is pathetic.

I said it's hypocritical to bash them when GT is doing it right now. In fact, you are calling the author 'pathetic' because he favors Gears..

Two and a half weeks ago the article "Uncharted 3 Beta vs. Gears of War Beta' came out on N4G.com and the author gave 3 reason why he thought Uncharted 3 was better..and just as predicted Ray Ray comments were completely positive for THAT article.

Again..it's easy the see through hypocrisy..but we all know where the energy comes from

This article is FAR from the first to do it and FAR from the last. My point is GT an established site is doing it and deserves the same criticisms right or wrong


firemassacre4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

uncharted 3 and gears 3 aswell,although i prefer uncharted 3 for many reasons i dont want to miss out like a tramp.

rayray, yea ita obvious he is going to favor g3.

RayRay364717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

Do you see what Im saying? I couldnt care less if the author was comparing the two, opinions are opinions. But he's telling which game you should buy, coming from a website called PlanetXbox360. This is why the author is pathetic. You see, I understand the fact that people have opnions. This, is just idiotic. You act like theres only two websites doin shit like this.

RayRay364717d ago

"I think the Uncharted multiplayer is decent at best. It seems too average." I know, I was really talkin that beta up huh? Unreal dude.

sdtarm4717d ago

really constructive article mods... :/

milohighclub4717d ago

Not one of them is reason enough for me to buy gears of flaw over uncharted. Ps.3 of those reasons were online multiplayer.fail.

Kleptic4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

EvilDead360...I totally agree...get both if you can; get the one for the system you have if you can't...if you don't have either console...you're not doing it right...

as far as this article though...its almost like the author actually attempted to put something up that would easily be picked apart...certain pro's to Gears 3 are ridiculous...ESPECIALLY the last one, going on about set pieces and how great they are 'but' they will get old...so therefor its better to not have them?...I'm very happy that some people aren't making video games...

I enjoyed the pro for Gears 3 being that Epic figured out how to get their community features working better...and that somehow makes it something you should pick over another title...which NEVER had those problems...

thats a 'Gears 2 had network problems, Gears 3 won't, so buy it instead of _____'...?...In the real world that is called 'making shit up'...

Godmars2904717d ago

You do realize that the difference between Gametrailers and Planetxbox360 is that one has Xbox360 in their title right?

Nevermind that both tend to favor the 360 when they do comparisons.

gamingdroid4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

Because your site focuses on Xbox 360, doesn't mean you can't do comparisons with games from other platforms.

Although the article made some good points since I'm a biased Gears fan and I enjoy online, but a balanced article usually also has counterpoints.

Bottom line, it all boils down to preference. So play what you like!

mindedone4717d ago

I don't think you understand what hypocrisy means. It's hypocritical if GT were bashing planetxbox360.com for being biased, not the people who comment here.

Now it's a different story to claim that the commenters are being hypocritical by being biased themselves towards a console and then bashing plantetxbox. That is hypocrisy.

I_find_it_funny4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

this is why I dislike n4g

nobody needs nobody's stupid reasons for anything

nycredude4717d ago Show
EVILDEAD3604717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

Well Said Kleptic..

And I'm not hating on Ray Ray..in fact I concede to his third point about the article unnessecarily plays on purchasing one title over the other.

But let's be real there are plenty of sites including, the PS3 and 360 sites that have done this ad nauseum in the past.

Either way..two day ones for me..Epic through the kitchen sink at Gears and Naughty D. are simply amazing developers..

The fall can't come soon enough.


Edit..@ mind..

Nope..I know exactly what the word is used for..

My point is as soon as I saw the article I easily could have gone into bash mode for it being flame bait or trolling for hits..but GT is doing the exact same thing..they are pitting titles vs. titles for which games you should buy..the last episode which airs next week will pit Uncharted 3 vs. Gears of War 3.

edit 2..

well said from gamingdroid..and lol @ Chug hitting it on the nail..It's good to see that N4G is starting to ignore falling into the flame fails traps that people would fall into..

Shepherd 2144717d ago

Im wondering why anyone even cares that websites are comparing games. Theyre games, something to play and dick around with in your spare time. Why not just let these websites collect their hits and have fun comparing third-person cover shooters or modern battlefield FPS's?

Plus, you dont have to read the article anyways.

Chug4717d ago

You can bet your ass I'll be buying Gears 3 over uncharted 3.

You wanna know why?

...Because Gears 3 will be out before Uncharted 3.

Once Uncharted 3 comes out, I'll buy Uncharted 3. And I'll enjoy the piss out of it.

Seriously though, this is pathetic.

Impaler4717d ago (Edited 4717d ago )

What I found funny was how the author says it will have a better online component that Uncharted, but says that Gears 1 and 2 were plagued with online issues like lag and slow matchmaking times.

Call me crazy, but I do not recall ever having these issues in Uncharted 2(it has been awhile since I have played), and the beta had slightly long MM times, but that was fixed in a patch.

Now I love the Unreal series(2k4 is one of my favorite MP shooters), but the fact that it takes Epic two full releases to fix these problems and Naughty Dog, who had almost zero experience in making online multiplayer, didn't says a lot about the studio. IMO of course.

This is a pointless argument like people say, but I still had to point out how the author shot himself in the foot with that "point" he made.

stevenhiggster4717d ago

How about this:

If you have both consoles, buy them both cause they're both great games.
If you only have one or the other, then your choice is made, simples.

Digitaldude4717d ago

5. True, co-op campaign is fun.
4. "Won't support a big online community" what the hell? It was Playstations biggets beta and U2 is playable even now, its community is fine.
3. Tighter online package? I can't see how you can compare, Gears has competitive and horde and so does Uncharted, they both havevery tight and long lasting experiences.
2. Horde mode is oh so sweet yes.
1. Those set pieces are one up on normal gameplay, Uncharted has sweet 'normal' gunplay as well, its a different experience to GoW competitive.

IMO the online's are different to each other and are worth playing in their own right. I'm getting both :D

jeseth4717d ago

1. Because you only own 360.
2. Because you only own 360.
3. Because you only own 360.
4. Because you only own 360.
5. Because you own both systems and Uncharted 3 is sold out.

Dee_914717d ago


badz1494717d ago

and for those comparing planetxbox360 to GT, at least the later doesn't have "XBOX360" name slapped in your face!

NewMonday4717d ago

talking about a PS3 game in an Xbox site just promotes the competition

own goal