Doctors use Xbox in operating rooms: How?

Health care professionals may have a new tool in their life-saving arsenal: an Xbox.

Doctors at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto are using the Xbox Kinect gaming system to solve hygiene problems that typically plague the operating room. And if Microsoft's vision comes true, it can revolutionize the health care industry.

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Nicaragua2651d ago

I read the article and all it says is that they use it to review images of 2d scans taken outside the operating theatre, it dosnt explain what the benefit of kinect is over any other camera or just having the image on a laptop.

Legion2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I am just assuming that it allows them to manipulate and view the image without having to put their hands directly onto any device to do so.

Thus keeping their hands sterile.

Edit: I just watched the video and that is exactly what they said. Try watching it and it will tell you why the kinect is helpful to them. I won't kock you for commenting prior to watching because I did also, but at least I watched to clarify. ha

Also, funny to note that it appears that the doctor brought in an Apple laptop to hook up to the device at the end of the video. Apple and Microsoft at last together to save the world. ha

evrfighter2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

when a doctor needs to review xray scans and what not he usually needs to rescrub which is a lengthy process.

the problem with having it on a laptop is someone needs to be sitting there wasting time and money when they could be helping somewhere else.

This saves both time and money and OR rooms are kept real cool which prolongs the life of any electronic equipment as heat is its enemy (see rrod).

Of course It's expected to see the ps3 fanboys pretending they have no clue what's going on here as i'm sure they'll never give credit where credit is due.

Legion2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Yea... it does help that when you watch the video you can see how the doctor manipulates the xray on the screen so that he can see different levels of the scan. Looks to me like someone really took advantage of the software/hardware and made good use out of it.

Hicken2651d ago

I'm... really not seeing how this is due to any innovation of the Kinect's. Sounds like... an expensive camera?

Legion2651d ago

Watch the video... it explains everything.

jon12342651d ago

wow pretty neat, i dont see why everyone keeps ragging on the kinect here, this seems practical

SixZeroFour2651d ago

theyre ragging on its gaming application, as a whole, there really isnt much to rag on kinect for, cause it really is a great product

jon12342651d ago

yeah, kinect is pretty cool, i would want to get one, and i dont even own an xbox

zinkabassy2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Pretty neat,..I would still rather have a more reliable camera with higher reso(dpi) and way higher FPS for this doing this,..

Like we all said that this technology can be pretty neat and belongs anywhere but gaming,..

Like in nursing homes for patients to recover ,.. because they don't care about lag,..

We gamers definitely do,..How the hell don't you people see that 30 fps camera tracking is just not good enough for gaming purposes,.. I think pseye for move does 120fps(? I think) at lower reso and even that is still pretty shitty) and they have accelerometers and every fucking thing you can think off in move, to help move be accurate enough,..

It is total shit, for any kind of core gaming applicability,.. Maybe as augmentation (but you can do the same with any kind of 10usd cam and 3usd mic)

Whoever denies this is a lair,.. and you need to wake the fuck up and stop sucking on MS balls,.. Especially since they are some of the worse criminals and twisted minds in economy,..They have no damn shame,.. If you would do a pyramid of fucked up companies, that are raping american people,.. MS should be on top,.

Grown Folks Talk2651d ago

Wait a minute. Whoever denies this is a dragon game that is either ultra crappy or very good depending on which side you ask?

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