Metro: Last Light 'Prologue' gameplay released, full E3 Gameplay Demo coming July 14th

SystemLink: "Metro: Last Light has some new gameplay, and more coming July 14th."

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B00M2655d ago

Looks good. Wasnt a massive fan of the first though, didnt like how most of it was underground. But then again it is called 'Metro 2033'. Looking forward to the full trailer today.

Hazmat132655d ago

odds are thats PC gameplay. but if was PS3 and 360 gameplay the amound of jizz that comes out world rivel the pacific ocean. lol

Quagmire2655d ago

Absolutely LOVED Metro 2033. The setting and atmosphere was great, the mechaincs were unique, and despite being a surprisingly diffilut game, was still very enjoyable.

Can't wait for the sequel, although I still confus as to whhy its not based on Metro 2034

buckley2655d ago

Metro 2033 had its issues but it was a very good game and didn't get the press it deserved. I'm definitely going to be playing Last Light.