Hellgate: London Review - 9.0 (Ripten)

Via Ripten:

"Hello, my name is Josh, and I'm an addict. The American Medical Association recently dismissed video game addiction by brushing it under the "further study needed" carpet. Had the proceedings gone the other way, gamers could have been diagnosed with a disease and treated accordingly.

Lucky thing the good doctors over at the AMA never got their hands on Hellgate, or I might be sitting in a shrink's office instead of writing this review. Yeah, it's that addicting."

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Darkiewonder4002d ago

Heard a lot of mix reviews about this game.

Leord4002d ago

This dude seems to have missed every single bug or flaw in the game. That is very refreshing, on the other hand! The game IS really good, I just wish it had received more polish and love before release.

Nostradavis4002d ago

He didn't miss the bugs. Check out his preview of the game.

Leord4001d ago

..let me rephrase that:

He does mention bugs, but that he haven't seen basically any (4 in 20 hours). I think it is refreshing, and gives balance that HGL go a 9/10, compared to some overly negative reviews, where the tester obviously was not a fan of the genre. Somewhere around 8, with a possibility to have been better if the game was more polished, is more what I would have liked to see.