Before Destiny, There was Hellgate: London

Let's take a look at the loot-based shooter that started it all and set the path for Destiny 2 and the Borderlands franchise.

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Lon3wolf1161d ago

Completely forgot about this game, wish someone would do another.

pubex1161d ago

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ThatDudeMunkee1160d ago

They actually are. It'll be a VR game. Not sure what Hanbitsoft is thinking. Supposedly Hellgate is doing GREAT in Korea, but not-so-much outside of it besides a fan revive called Hellgate: 2038. I'd actually love to see Bandai and the creators of DOOM team up for another rumble against Hell's forces.

Lon3wolf1160d ago

Indeed I wish they would, I'm really not interested in VR at the moment.

ThatDudeMunkee1160d ago

You and me both, Lon3wolf. I want a full new game or a REALLY good remaster. I think in today's market, it'd actually do a lot better under the proper team.

sampsonon1160d ago

i don't want another Doom game. i want Hellgate

Mulando1161d ago

Well Hellgate London had it's moments, but .. well not for the long run.

ThatDudeMunkee1160d ago

It's still alive, haha. There's a fan revival currently going on that just entered Open Alpha. I've actually tried it out. It's actually pretty solid and their servers are definitely as good as you'd hope for a private server.

bluefox7551161d ago

I enjoyed it. Felt like it was underrated.

sampsonon1160d ago

the atmosphere is incredible. f they remade the game with todays graphics but kept the actual look and feel of the game i would spend a ton of money on it. Engineer baby!!

amcka301161d ago

It's a shame Hellgate: London did so poorly. It was an interesting game, and well worth a sequel.

irishyort1161d ago

Never heard of it. What a shame :(

ThatDudeMunkee1160d ago

You can actually play it today! The fan revival has been a solid experience for me so far (aside from getting a good disc off Ebay or Amazon).

sampsonon1160d ago

can you link me the mod download for 2038 version please?

ThatDudeMunkee1160d ago

Just a note, you will need to make an account on their site, use a disc to install, and proceed from there.

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The story is too old to be commented.