Hellgate: London Multiplayer Rises from the Dead

Flagship Studios' Hellgate: London has a checkered past to say the least, but it's an action RPG that is near-and-dear to many gamers' hearts. With the closing of the original servers and T3Fun's own Hellgate Global servers, though, we have had no means of playing the game's excellent Stonehenge and Abyss content or go on any party-based boss runs. That will be changing soon, as a team of dedicated modders is close to releasing a fully working multiplayer server.

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Perjoss1589d ago

Loot-shooter blast from the past!


Such a troubled game... but truthfully a rather iconic one. Also one I'm happy to raise from the dead.

quent1589d ago

Still have my GFWL version, the game mechanically it has everything needed that makes a loot shooter rpg great , it just feels empty when it comes to npc's and story, tons of potential this game it had.