Hellgate: London Multiplayer Rises from the Dead

Flagship Studios' Hellgate: London has a checkered past to say the least, but it's an action RPG that is near-and-dear to many gamers' hearts. With the closing of the original servers and T3Fun's own Hellgate Global servers, though, we have had no means of playing the game's excellent Stonehenge and Abyss content or go on any party-based boss runs. That will be changing soon, as a team of dedicated modders is close to releasing a fully working multiplayer server.

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Perjoss2486d ago

Loot-shooter blast from the past!


Such a troubled game... but truthfully a rather iconic one. Also one I'm happy to raise from the dead.

quent2486d ago

Still have my GFWL version, the game mechanically it has everything needed that makes a loot shooter rpg great , it just feels empty when it comes to npc's and story, tons of potential this game it had.


Disco Elysium Review: We Are Our Choices

Disco Elysium is unpredictable

Disco Elysium takes chances.

Disco Elysium makes you want to keep playing it.

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I Butchered an Entire Village in AC: Odyssey to See What Happens

When it comes to open world games, I’m sure we all wonder what would happen if we tried massacring every NPC. Most of us probably played GTA at some point, saved the game, and unleashed chaos with a bazooka on our shoulder in a city. Admit it, you did it too. Be proud.

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Jimboms1461d ago

I like that this actually led to some concrete findings

VenomUK1461d ago

Pretty interesting is that an NPC reacts to being threatened with a weapon. It's a good piece, I had a look at the website and there are at least a couple of articles that explore aspects around game design. I'd like to see more of from here.

TheScotsman1461d ago

Should we be impressed by the finding or worried for the person carrying out the acts? Either way there's some councilling needed somewhere lmao

MoonConquistador1461d ago

I think he knows that already.

His comment was made tongue in cheek, hence the lmao he finished with

CoNn3rB1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

@MoonConquistador Personally lmao and lol just seem so passive-aggressive these days that it's hard to tell if someone is trying to be funny or an asshole.

CorndogBurglar1461d ago

Yeah, it is just a game.

But I also remember reading an article about this guy that played Skyrim and he went around serial killing as many female NPC's as he could without getting caught. Not only that, but he then spent the time to bring their dead bodies to his home and set them up in chairs and all kinds of weird crap like that.

I know it's just a game, but you can't tell me that someone like that doesn't have some kind of screw loose in his head lol.

eddvdm1460d ago

Are you interested on being a game "journalist"? I heard Kotaku is in need, they would love that headline.

Tross1460d ago

Sometimes even us non-psychopaths like to have fun at the expense of NPCs in a virtual world. So long as no one goes out and does this stuff IRL it’s all cool.

BlackDoomAx1460d ago

I don't know how to reply to other comments but the one with the skyrim player is creepy af.

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Lighter91461d ago

I call BS on using the bow. I can be hiding in the grass and shoot a grain silo, and my wanted level always goes up, even though no one saw me.

Darrien10121461d ago

Idk it's probably because you were in a city? I'm guessing murder is never okay there. Outside, in a tiny village like this, guards barely care.

1461d ago
CDbiggen1460d ago

That shit belongs in the PS2 era when in GTA 3 you'd kill someone in the middle of nowhere and get one star.

masterfox1461d ago

I mean those villagers are Zombies after all, you need to at least shoot two or three arrows to their heads for they able to die. :D

traumadisaster1461d ago

Never thought of this, but I do like to screw with game AI and try to break it, so I may need to open that side of my brain up a bit to experiment.

baabuska1461d ago

I'm still trying to figure out a way to to buy/tame/sell all the horses in RDR2, until there are none left. Not even sure if that's possible. There's way too many horses.