IGN reviews Hellgate: London - See you in Hell... gate

At the end of the day Hellgate: London delivers an experience that is fun for a few hours but quickly grows repetitive. The stat-driven combat takes the player one step away from the action and the modular levels and peripheral nature of the story keeps players from investing in the world. Balanced against that are levels that are virtually teeming with enemies and a loot and upgrade system that gives you a real sense of progress every minute that you play. Your own enjoyment of Hellgate will naturally depend on your tolerance for the repetitious levels and your overall desire to find the perfect combination of skills and items that will allow you to take on the toughest of the game's challenges with ease.

Overall score: 6.8/10

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MK_Red4027d ago

They should have axed the MMO parts and instead, should have focused on the singleplayer aspect and a fun little co-op mode or something instead of the MMO looking stuff.

Charlie26884027d ago

While I liked the game I think there was way to much MMO influence over the Diablo one that every one was looking for, and there are small annoying things that should have been fixed before release and are actually a step back from the Diablo 2 formula and are annoying a HELL lot of people in the forums for example selling items should be fast like every other game like this (Left mouse click) but instead it is plagues with menus

I just hope future patches will address the issues

I think they should have looked at what Iron Lore did with Titan Quest they took the Diablo 2 formula and evolved it to the next level (incredible 3D graphics, more complex abilities ect.) and NOT force a new formula (MMOs in this case) into another (Diablo 2) and result with neither being fully developed

MK_Red4027d ago

Superb comment and points. Bubbles for you.

They should have focused on making a true addicting game like Diablo.

Charlie26884027d ago

Thanks dude bubbles for you too :)

Tyrael4027d ago

Whatever, I still want Diablo 3

Skerj4027d ago

They weaved that special crack magic into it for about 10 hours for me, after that I got tired of seeing the same stuff and the grindage.

Relientk774027d ago

alot of my friends keep calling this diablo 3 ...

and im like ummm no.... when Diablo 3 hits ... believe me u will kno... it will once again be one of the biggest selling pc games of all time and pc game of the yr .... just like diablo and diablo 2