Top 8 Games We Want Ported to Modern Consoles

Gamepro: Feeling nostalgic for classic retro titles? You're not alone. Many gamers are clamoring to see their favorites ported to current-gen consoles. I caught the "retro game nostalgia" bug when I started reviewing the port of Soldier Blade, recently made available through PSN. To me, this aerial shooter is just as enjoyable now as it was back in 1992.

There are plenty of other great games out there that still haven't been ported to current-gen consoles. Many of them would be just as much fun to play today, especially if given basic multiplayer features, plus some Achievements or Trophies. Here are our recommendations.

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topgun332658d ago

I second your choice of Goldeneye. I loved that game. Nintendo tried to capitalize on its popularity by redoing the game under the same name but with Craig, but it was not the same. I heard rumors that there is going to be a brand new Goldeneye entitled: Goldeneye: Reloaded, which many fanboys, including myself hope that is the classic Nintendo 64 game with hd graphics.

MrSpace2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I don't know why since this is really silly...but Craig's Bond ruined it for me. It wasn't the same.

They were trying to capture a bigger audience since Craig is now Bond but they failed.

Bodster2658d ago

I thought it was because they couldn't use Pierce Brosnan anymore because of licensing?

Anyway, I would love a proper Goldeneye remake, loved it on the N64 :)

MrSpace2658d ago

Yeah I heard that aswell but there must be away round it, Goldeneye was Pierce Brosnan's film so I don't see why they can't do it, it's not like there making a new 007 game.

Rocket Sauce2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Sean Connery lent his voice to the From Russia With Love game in 2005, and that was when Pierce Brosnan was still officially who knows?

It doesn't sound silly to me, but I'm a huge James Bond nerd. It feels like revenge for all the terrible video game movies out there. Like, "Let's take a good movie and just wreck it beyond recognition."

bozebo2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Well, PD has been done. So there is less reason to do Goldeneye - but they still should.

Goldeneye Source is pretty good, it has a nice clean feel to the shooting that they have made specifically so it feels similar to the original while being different. I would say it is probably the second best bond game I have played, and it's free.

If they were to remake goldeneye, the only thing anybody would want them to change would be the graphics - altering the controls would probably get in the way a bit so it would have to be done by a Goldeneye fanboy to keep it in-line with the original (because the game was designed to be played with the heavy aim assist). But that wouldn't happen - because developers tend to get thrown into projects without being properly selected, so they could be people who hate goldeneye for all we know. I think Activision owns the rights to bond games right now, so don't expect a proper remake; they have a history of forcing studios to make games they aren't passionate about - which would be utterly vital for a good goldeneye port to 360/ps3.

I was quite satisfied with the PD remake though, PD is a better game than goldeneye in many ways - but it doesn't have that awesome bond style, and some of the guns are a bit fruity. We also need the classic maps, guns and singleplayer.

In the end, does it really need a remake if it's going to be the same except for graphics? Anybody who cares about the graphics obviously isn't a proper fan of a game (any given game). You can emulate the game and you can plug in a controller and map the controls perfectly - even if you want it to play like a modern shooter, that can be done.

As for KOTOR, the bugginess of the current PC version makes it nearly unplayable, and it crashes regularly on my PC for some reason :( So a remake would be lovely :P

MGS1, 2 and 3 remakes would be pretty awesome too.

NoobJobz2658d ago

KOTOR and Goldeneye please sir.

news4geeks2658d ago

There's a graphics mod for Kotor now anyway. Goldeneye has a shit control scheme that should be left on the n64. What's more any attempt to modernise the controls would make it feel like a different game and a generic shooter at that.

t0mmyb0y2658d ago

Have you played Golden Eye on a 64 lately? It's difficult to play compared to how far shooters have come.

hassi942658d ago

We understand that but they can update it for dual-stick support like with Perfect Dark X360.

Pozzle2658d ago

It's outdated, true. But I wouldn't say it's difficult to play. (well, apart from the fact that 00 mode can be a bitch.)

It's still a really fun game, even with it's outdatedness.

hassi942658d ago

Please give me goldeneye!

TenSteps2658d ago

Me personally I'd go for Bushido Blade but that's just me

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