Wonderwallweb Review Timeshift

Timeshift has been a long time in the making, it appeared sometime last year, not looking at it's best it has to be said, only to surface again in what is probably one of gamings most important ever months such is the quality and hype of the games being released. But can it survive the battle which is about to take place?

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wolfehound224094d ago

Played the demo, grohics weren't the best but the gameplay was fun IMO. Although I believe if it was not for the time control they game would be average fps at best. But they really needed to release this game 3-4 monthes ago when there wasn't much out or coming out I believe this game will be blown away by everything else. I will give it a rent but my money is on many other games.

perseus4094d ago

Yeah the demo was fun, but I can't play FPSs that have maps with predetermined paths anymore.

I've been spoiled by BF2, and Timeshift doesn't meet my needs. No console FPS does yet, hopefully that will change soon.

Bazookajoe_834094d ago

It would have sold alot better, it feels like an average game. And with the competition it goes against now will make it struggle...

picker3324094d ago (Edited 4094d ago )

I play'd the demo and it wasn't the best fps game i've play'd.
And like every one is saying,Too many games coming out now so let's just forget this game even existed & move on!
And like perseus said,predetermined paths is out now day's(at least in fps's)

Peace out.

blu3print4082d ago

I'm not really into FPS but played this demo and really liked this game and it's fun and cool to me.