200 GT5 Screenshots

See the amazing GT5 graphics by looking through a collection of 200 gameplay screenshots.

Note: those are not real cars.

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Poisen4005d ago

Those screenshots simply look amazing. Just proves the power that the Ps3 can actually output.
The game looks great.

Close_Second4005d ago

...these are the best looking car models of any next-gen console racers at present. However, I am still wondering why, given the amount of storage space on Blu-Ray, that environmental texture maps are repeated so often.

Look at this image for example - the white and red squares are repeated over and over.

Look at other images and you see the same thing. DON'T GET ME WRONG, GT5 will be the new benchmark for console driving simulators however, I just wish the environments could have appeared just as nice as the incredible car models.

CaliGamer4004d ago

If you look at the red and white squares, I see very different patters of skid marks on each. I think your choosing to split hairs about something insignificant, but I believe that you have not looked close enough. Take a look again at the dirt on each, they are different.

MaximusPrime4005d ago

lol, i like that.

GT5 is near perfect.
Thanks for the screenshots. ;)

Poisen4005d ago

He won't know who you are...this is the guy who brought you the screenshots maximus.

PiotrGTC4005d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is a great example how video games should look like

HBK6194005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

These pics are just showing that the power of the PS3 is so much more than the 360, these wouldn't even be capable now on the 360, just imagine what it will be like when it is complete!!!

AngryHippo4005d ago

.....when is it getting released in the UK?Anyone know? I really cant wait to see other tracks other than ones with really open environments. I want to see city scape races, i hope they can take the level of car detail to the environments, then this game would be PERFECT. I am sure they are working on things like that right now, but anyhow this game is a must is the new nissan skyline gt-r, that is f-ing sexy.

PiotrGTC4005d ago

As of today were not sure when the game will lauch in other territories than Japan. The prologue version will launch definetly some time in the beginning of next year. You can always download the japanese version ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.