Former Deviation Games Devs Have Formed A New Studio At PlayStation To Work On A New IP

Former Deviation Games developers have formed a new studio at Sony Interactive Entertainment in order to work on a brand new PlayStation IP.

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Tacoboto63d ago

Well that's an awesome and very surprising turnaround. Cheers to the new studio and what they'll build!

RaidenBlack63d ago

Likely to continue their FPS project

Cacabunga62d ago

It is not about money it is about talent.. get that talent in and they will take care of you and earn you that money

Eonjay62d ago

I had picked up on this before the Deviation shutdown was announced. It was pointed out that a senior manager of the team had joined PlayStation prior to the close. It was a little suspicious because from the outside in, it appeared had basically poached Deviation's talent.

Reading some of the other comments it seems this is understood to be the case.

In other news it would be wild if Sony winds up announcing a brand new internal studio.

isarai62d ago

That's..... confusing, so shut down but just reformed and same employer 🤔 sounds like pretty much what happened to Japan Studio basically just being rebranded as Asobi

ocelot0762d ago

It is odd one I don't know how business deals work or the law of that kind of stuff. But is it possible Sony reached out and said hey we want you apart of Sony but don't want to purchase you for what ever reason. How about use disband and we will open a studio and hire you guys type of thing. Is that even possible?

isarai62d ago

Maybe it's to void/bypass some contract? I have no clue

VersusDMC62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I guess the deviation team fell apart and didn't deliver good progress on what they pitched (they overhyped themselves when the team was announced)so Sony shut them down. They regrouped with a new team and a new pitch so Sony is giving them another shot.

And this time they are keeping it quiet to keep pressure down on the team. So people aren't asking everyday what deviation(or whatever the new team is called) is doing.

Edit: Also Sony never owned them. They just ended their partnership with them. Deviation decided to close on their own.

outsider162462d ago

Good point. You know, i was thinking of Days Gone too. They pitch an idea to Sony for Days Gone 2 but Sony didnt like it do they scrapped the whole thing. Maybe if a good pitch came by...they'd reconsider it.

isarai62d ago

That makes a bit more sense

lodossrage62d ago

To be fair, Sony didn't shut them down. Devation was independent. Sony pulled funding on the project they were working on. As a result, they couldn't run so Devation decided to close on their own.

MrBaskerville62d ago

Maybe it's a good team but sony changed plans?

Plague-Doctor2762d ago


The management at Deviation was reportedly a problem. Sony cut their funding and when the studio layoffs began they bought the talent back up

Lightning7762d ago

It's probably cheaper to grab the talent than to anage a full studio as a second party.

Maybe we see the game at the PS showcase?

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roboteye62d ago

If this was MS they'd be gone.

Goodguy0162d ago

Maybe make a smaller game this time?

smolinsk61d ago

Smaller then what? With All the success Sony have when making games it makes no sense to differ from a well oiled machine.

Elda62d ago

Good for them that they were able to work it out. Hopefully they're developing something interesting.

Rainbowcookie62d ago

I think Sony is thinking long term as a replacement for Call of Duty M$ edition.

lodossrage62d ago

If they can pull off at least 2 more games similar to Helldivers 2 they won't have to worry about that COD deal anymore (my personal opinion, not fact)

-Foxtrot62d ago

The best thing they can do is make something old school based

The issue with COD is that it's so over the top and arcade like now where it feels more like you are relying on gimmicks and what you've unlocked rather than skill.

If they can create an old school like first person shooter where "less is more" and not a game that relies on a drip feed road map then they'll get some attention.

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