Multi release games… who is truly to blame?

Lens of Truth writes - "Many things, both good and bad, have been set into motion this generation of consoles. One thing that we seem to be seeing more and more of is the re-release of games that should not need to be put out more than once. Now I’m not talking about HD remakes of classic PS2 games nor the digital sale of some of the older generation’s gems, as this is actually a good thing. No I’m talking about games that seem to get rushed out and sold for full price, just to have another more complete version released later down the road."

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hackersdelight4335d ago

Who is to blame? Capcom and the idiots that buy the same fighting game over and over.

stonecold34335d ago

they claim gt5 is milked try call of duty street fighter mario halos wwe games madden need for speed asc series they are the ones that are milked released every year i would say ratchet and clank but there isnt a new ratchet and clank coming this year?

gigreen4335d ago

You don't like them? Too bad for you. But guess what, they're completely optional. Some people are actually looking forward to GT5 Spec II even though they purchased GT5 at release,

I'd be more worried about CoD or Forza, those franchises are really being milked at the cost of quality.

P_Bomb4335d ago

GT5 doesn't belong on such a list, and they sort of say as much towards the end of the article, but I'll reiterate why.

Only one true GT game this gen. Was already in production and delayed forever, needed to be released already as PD was losing face.

No DLC on disc, no DLC for a full year for that matter.

Re-release is a technical improvement and not just coupons for more content. Patches all included, and they're hefty and necessary as 2.0 made the game much better. The save on HD space is a plus as it's a 10GB install already.

Cheaper price point. Game's already sold 7 million so nothing to prove in that dept. Other games like LBP2 still charge full price for their "complete" editions.


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PurpHerbison1385d ago

Love art like this. Good stuff.

PhoenixUp1385d ago

Makes me despise Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite that much more

So much wasted potential


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SickSinceSix1512d ago

They should make a collection of all of them, for this gen or the next

PhoenixUp1512d ago

The 90s was a time when videogame IP established themselves heavily to the point where a lot of major companies could start doing crossovers

MIDGETonSTILTS17180d ago

MvC3 did NOT have a larger roster than 2…


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