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DA_SHREDDER2661d ago

Did you fix the bullet sponge perk? Or is that just a glitch?

mac_sparrow2661d ago

I wish they'd fix the senseless complaint post perk.

HBK6192661d ago

HAHAHA Bubbles for mac_sparrow. Pure gold pal!

captain-obvious2661d ago

N4G mods are the best
they only catch ME !!

zootang2660d ago

The mods are 360 fanboys out to de-bubble PS3 fanboys. I know, I'm one. I've had more positive bubble ups than I have Negative bubbles down yet I'm stuck with one bubble.

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MaxXAttaxX2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

There are no "perks" in Uncharted.

The higher health gives you a chance to counter or take cover. This isn't an instant-death-upon-encounter type of game.

If you've emptied a full clip into someone and they're still alive, that means you're missing a lot and need to get better.
The AK is better for mid range kills not long range. So you can't pick off people from the other side of the map. For that you need a sniper or be a good shot with the G-MAL.

Heartnet2660d ago

Dude Boosters and what not might aswell be perks so

BubbleSniper2660d ago

who cares? shotgun all day, baby. duck and dodge all damned day and I offer a-to-your-doorstep death in a nice, simple package.

Killa_Cobra_ST2661d ago

I feel DA_SHREDDER has a point, it's just a few too many shots to kill. It shouldn't be like CoD but I think it needs to be decreased just a slight bit.

Yardie2661d ago

I completely disagree, i think it should stay as it is.

BeaArthur2661d ago

I'm just wondering what your goal is. I'm assuming you just like to annoy people, so I'm also assuming you're like 15, but honestly what do you get out of coming on here and antagonizing people? Maybe it's because I'm older but I'm sure I could find a much better use of my time.

Cereal2661d ago

Your lack of skill isn't a "glitch".

metsgaming2661d ago

all that they should do is decrease the ak recoil a bit and fix the recoil alot on the handgun and then fix hit detection. The health is fine these things are what make it seem to high

Burackus2660d ago

Perfectly said my friend

xAlmostPro2660d ago

Aw DA-shredder gues your accuracy is too bad huh? :( maybe go back to COD if it's too tough for you buddy =]

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ps3alldayeveryday2661d ago

Dang! I LOVE how hard working ND is, even for a beta. 3 patches in a week!

Simco8762661d ago

I loved U2, this game is not living up to that multiplayer experience.

It feels like I am a slug on the battlefield

ps3alldayeveryday2661d ago

hey buddy, just wanted to let u know that there is a SPRINT button in the game. :)

maximus19852661d ago

yeah man i hear ya uncharted 2 is great. 3 is good but lacking something, not sure what but it is. but its a beta so well see. so far its has alot of good new feature though so it should be great in the end

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Grimhammer002661d ago

It feels slower because they added sprinting.
So normal run is slower than it is in unch2.

I'm kinda thinking they should scrap sprinting. It's not needed, it feels off and it feels like it serves no real need. Just bring it back to unch2 speed...maybe even a slight bit faster. Done.

Climbing is where it's really noticeable.

Rainstorm812660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

i havent been a fan of sprinting since it was announced, now that i have a feel for the game it only useful when attempting to getaway or get accross the map.

Then adding a sprint button, adds to the stiffness in animation when the character transitions from walking to running whenever you press L3.

Sprinting shouldve been controlled via analog only the more you ttilt the faster you run, much like U2. I think it may have made the animations smoother.

Other than that all of the added additions are great.
2v2v2 best mode ever for U3!!

Thoreau2659d ago

uc3 avatars move like jeeps., but i am still having fun

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