Disney Universe avoids Kinect/Move so fans not "short changed"

Disney has tons of characters instantly recognisable to millions and for the first time they're being brought together in a single place called Disney Universe.

They're not the characters exactly but players in costume who then assume special abilities. It's a multiplatform game avoiding exclusive console controllers.

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Soldierone2754d ago

In a way I respect how Disney does their lore for all the characters, ensuring none of them meet and keeping the opportunites for ALL Disney products open. However at the same time I'm glad they haven't been running Marvel the entire time either. Comics have a really good way of letting character meet and so on without making it effect the core universe at all.

As for the game, it wasn't that great when I played it. Honestly people were just annoying. You tell them what to do, and they still didn't do it. The game had no in - game hints such as floating "DO THIS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD" arrows so we kept getting stuck wondering what the hell to do. When it was working it just felt like a stripped down LBP that went forwards and back.

I can see the DLC costumes now...

newn4gguy2754d ago

It was Disney's idea to cool off on the Wolverine for awhile. They recognize that sometimes people get tired of a character if it's in the spotlight too long.

I think Disney buying Marvel was good for both companies. ;)

Darth Stewie2754d ago

Who cares this game will suck and have so much crappy DLC.

Quagmire2754d ago

Missed opportunities, comes to mind.

Still hate Disney for what they did to Propaganda Studios and Black Rock Studios