Hellgate: London Review (GameDaily)

Steven Wong reviews Hellgate: London and concludes:

"It's easy to write Hellgate off as a mediocre game, but the truth is it's not altogether bad. In fact, it has some truly excellent innovations, like the item augmentation system that can imbue common items with special properties. Hellgate also has a machine that increases the level of an item, so players don't have to ditch useful armor or weapons because they outgrew them. Additionally, the game has a fantastically wicked sense of humor that comes out in the NPC dialogue. The problem is, the game tries to be a little bit of everything, but no one aspect gets fully developed."

Final Score: 7 (out of 10) - OK

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Charlie26884864d ago

I am still no 100% convinced to buy Hellgate even if I loved the demo many reviews agree that the game tries a LOT of stuff that only feels unfinished (which is sort of contradictory in this N4G reviews SUCK mood :P, but I cant afford right now to go wrong since I am in a tight gaming budget :( )

I guess Titan Quest is still kind of the Diablo 2 "clones" until I guess Diablo 3..or Titan Quest 2 comes along 2 XD