Naughty Dog Hints at New Jak & Daxter Game

Developer Naughty Dog, the studio behind the Uncharted series, has hinted at a Jak and Daxter game for the PlayStation 3.

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captain-obvious4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

there is no hint !!!!!
all he said that they work on one game at a time (uncharted)and they'd love to work on it again
and they love they franchise (they better do since they made it)
just like what any other developer would say

i dont see where is the hint

GrieverSoul4615d ago

Jak and Daxter as a launch exclusive for the PS4

Loved the series. Im looking foward to a PS3 HD collection.

I_find_it_funny4615d ago

doesn't exclude the possibility =/= hints

lociefer4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

ok despite the many disagrees i will get i will say this, they shouldve made jack instead of ratchet and clank for this gen, there i said it , i freaking love jack / dex

young juice4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

i think it would be a great move. give uncharted 3's awesomeness time to sink in and build anticipation for a sequel. in the meantime revive a classic franchise for a triumphant comeback and alittle something new.

@lociefer i agree

MintBerryCrunch4615d ago

uhh there is nothing stopping ND from making Jak and Daxter...R&C was created by Insomniac

nobody knew that UC was going to become this super popular when the first was released

its just priorities...plus i don't think the studio is big enough to make 2 games at the same time without losing quality in both games because there arent enough people working on every little thing to make the game perfect in their eyes

lociefer4615d ago


+bubbles , i got mixed up ><

jony_dols4615d ago

A new Jak game using the Uncharted graphics engine would be frickin sweet!

Maybe we might see a Daxter 2 game on the Vita......the first Daxter game was an underrated gem on the old PSP.

InactiveUser4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

New IP > another Jak & Daxter.

TheDivine4615d ago

Id prefer if it was on the ps vita. Platformers are good on handhelds. Personally im over jak, ratchet, mario, and sly. Platformers are last gens genre, they were the fps of last gen. Uncharted is much better than jak, keep it going guys. Let someone else do a handheld jak.

thugbob4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

If they make a Jak & Dax game It'll be a day one buy for me.

EDIT: @TheDivine

You do know that Jak3 had open world in it right?

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Gray-Fox-Type04615d ago

hooray! Its been long time since Jak & Daxter and was a nice platformer all though turned abit GTA at the end which was still cool and fun driving around and that.

But imagine the colourful and cartoon world of Jak & Daxter..with Uncharted graphics...


Abash4615d ago

Please do a Jak and Daxter PS3 after Uncharted 3, Naughty Dog

Black-Helghast4615d ago

Or they can make a Jak and Daxter HD Remake. That would make me really happy considering, Jak and Daxter: Percursor Legacy was the game that got me into PS2.

ReservoirDog3164615d ago

That's basically the same thing they've been saying for years. I doubt it. Would be cool though.

TheLastGuardian4615d ago

If Naughty Dog can make another Jak game then why can't Sucker Punch be the ones to make Sly 4? There might not even be an inFAMOUS 3 so why does Sanzaru Games say SP wouldn't have time to make another Sly game?

I wish Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch were bigger studios like Insomniac so they could work on 2 series at a time.

Pedobear Rocks4615d ago


The point is that Sucker Punch isn't making Sly 4


DigitalRaptor4614d ago (Edited 4614d ago )

"why does Sanzaru Games say SP wouldn't have time to make another Sly game?"

That's because they're working on a brand new IP for PS3.

the_best_player4615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

Buy Crash Bandicoot back!!!!!!!!!!

Edit lols :)

stevenhiggster4615d ago

Please be true indeed, Jak 2 is one of my all time favorites. Even just an HD remake of that would make me very happy indeed :-)

subtenko4615d ago

Everyone loves these Playstation exclusives for a reason :)

good to be a Playstation gamer!

mastiffchild4615d ago

New J&D for PS4 lanch?Not a chance. I LOVE the series but, being honest, I prefer Rathcet as they're just better realised games with tighter game play and fewer irritating characters. Daxter compared to Clank is a real pain in the bum hole that CAN be annoying as all hell and even a bit embarrassing so while a lot of fans would love to see this I just think it makes zero sense.Platforming royalty on PS3(R&C and J&D) just doesn't pull in the numbers pure platforming Mario does for Nintendo. The shooting and combat in both series makes them ,among other things a way more interesting, air iof series tome but the mass appealhadn't been there for R&Cand wouldn't be for Jak.

I just see either one more Uncharted to get the system(PS4) going and then a new IP or Jak to follow.

showtimefolks4615d ago

for us is to get JAK 1,2,3 and jak combat racing in HD.

because ND are doing UC 3 and will do one more for sure before doing JAK. Sony knows that ND want to do JAK but my real question is we are seeing all these HD remakes even of PSP games yet we have all been asking for HD remakes of JAK and no sign,news or even any rumors of that.

I would buy JAK 4 when ever they will make it but i will also get JAK HD collection the day it launches

here is hoping we see it soon

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pepsilover_20074615d ago (Edited 4615d ago )

awesome!! nuff said

YogiBear4615d ago

Your profile pic is a win.

SonyNGP4615d ago

Hint shmint. You know that I know that we know that you know that a Jak 4 must be created!