Whatever Happened To Backpack Sidekicks?

The late '90s and early '00s were chock full of games starring characters who wouldn't go anywhere without slinging their friend on their shoulders. It's a mechanical conceit that made a lot of sense, with a story and gameplay purpose. It gave your lead character someone to talk to as well as a sidekick who could help them out with tasks along the way.

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SimpleSlave118d ago

Probably the same thing that happened to the Fanny Pack Sidekicks, they all just went digital. They all turned into Cortana, a Smartphone Sidekick App Waifu with big tits for the added realism and stuff or whatever...

ApocalypseShadow118d ago

Man! I was coming to say the same with fanny packs when I saw the headline. Too late. Lol.

SonyStyled118d ago

Not really newsworthy content I agree. Might be a read if you’re >20yrs old and unfamiliar with platformers. In that case you have an article written by someone probably not old enough to have grown up on platformers