Problems with Warhawk update v1.1? Here's a fix

Ok, so your warhawk game isn't working since the new update. It says something like "you aren't the user for this" or something to that gist. Well you be glad to know that this happened to everyone in Europe. And you would also be glad to know that they are working on a fix for it.

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PimpHandHappy4865d ago

if heres a fix then how are they working on it?

confused on ur news post willie

happy to say it worked for me in the States

therealwillie4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

there was a lot of problems with it in europe, it seems to be fine if you download it now but earlier on the people who downloaded the patch could'nt get into the game and they still can't. also it did not happen to people who had the disc version it was only the download version

gamesblow4865d ago

I downloaded it when it 1st hit... Took 2 hours before the servers were back up on my end. Everything works, runs flawelss now. I can get into any ranked game and everything is just balanced very well. Stats are updated and working great too, for me.

Kleptic4865d ago

so is the rank-up bug fixed completely?...I have like 5000 points and am an Air Marshal (which requires like 175,000 points) is the case with nearly every other person playing the game...

I like my customizations, but I have now pretty much seen them all...and am pretty hopeful that this upcoming booster pack will have some added stuff in that area...

cool stuff though...v1.2 is rumored to hit at the end of next week also, and that brings lots of new functionality stuff...updates and free DLC are about as cool as it gets...

gw4k4865d ago

This is about the only killer game on the PS3. Glad to see them get everything worked out.

Sony really needs to work with developers and make sure all these games are grade A.

Great games are best, good games are good.

Sony needs some Great games.

I am hoping that Drake's F. can give Sony a hand. I am so tired of just checking to see if there is an update. I want to play something that blows my mind like the 360 does.

Come on Sony!

jromao4865d ago

I'm in europe and didn't got any problems with the update, it runs fine.

therealwillie4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

ok guys have the official forum that i missed earlier, the problem did happen as you can see thought i was going crazy for a second

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The story is too old to be commented.