1UP's TimeShift review: X360 controls better than PC

1UP gave 5/10 to the PC version while giving 5.5/10 to the X360 version:

"You may -- or may not -- notice that the console version of TimeShift is '0.5' better than the PC version. Why is that? The controls. The manual override for your time powers makes enough sense on a gamepad. Hold down the left bumper button and punch one of the face buttons. Bam! You're in rewind -- or whatever. But the developers shoehorned that same button combo onto a keyboard and mouse.

That's right -- it's a first-person shooter that's better without a keyboard and mouse. Try using the time control mechanic on a PC and muscles you didn't even know you had start throbbing. While you're reading this, try using your left hand to hit the "F" key while holding down Shift. Now imagine attempting that while running around during a firefight. May I direct your attention to Crysis for a sec? Forget all the frosty graphics -- just take a look at that game's supersuit interface. A radial wheel menu opens with a press of the middle mouse button. Score one for intelligent game design! Seriously, guys -- considering how long it's taken to finish TimeShift, I'd expect flawless controls."

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clownfacemcgee4865d ago

These guys must suck at PC gaming. I run with WASD and push Shift-F all the time in WoW as a matter of fact. There are lots more complex key patterns that I use, and I wouldn't consider myself a PC gamer. Also, does the game not have an option for keybindings?

mighty_douche4865d ago

you could even go super easy and bind it to an extra mouse button if you have one.

these guys obviously have no micro.

razer4865d ago

Dude, this game is great.. I will agree it's not doing a whole lot new here besides the timeshifting but this game deserves better than that. Graphics are great, destructable environments, fun gun battles. I guess I didn't go into this game thinking it would be the next Bioshock so maybe I'm not as disappointed as a 5.5 seems to indicate. I'm about done with listening to any online review site because they obviously have different tastes/expectations than I have to a large degree.