The Simpsons Game - Xbox 360 Review 7.0/10

The Simpsons Game doesn't just present you with funny dialogue and jokes, it comes across with gorgeous cell-shading visuals and flawless animations. The graphics are strong throughout the game, but falter at the in-game cinematics.

Though there are some visual flaws, the soundtrack and voice track to the game are the crowning achievement. The music feels ripped directly from season six and fits perfectly into each level, or 'episode.' The cast does a tremendous job voicing the characters and the one-liners and jokes almost all land well. Without a question, the sound is the shining star of this game.

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no_more_heroes4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

and it showed only the playstation versions of the game: ps3, ps2 and psp, as if it were exclusive to the playstation brand. Hmm......

jinn4869d ago

WHAT? this should have gotten a 10/10

ParaDise_LosT4869d ago

yeah...thats right...I said it :O!